The Data Link Service (DLS) performance peaks!

The latest data of August provided by the Network Manager, shows the lowest level of Provider Aborts (loss of connectivity between aircraft & ground) since the start of DLS implementation (4.4). Well underway to reach the end target.

The Round Trip Delay (delay between sending and receiving of a message) is now at 95-99% performance and thus meeting all Data Link Services requirements for the first time in aviation history.

This is the result of the good cooperation and the hard work delivered by all Data Link Services partners under the coordination of the SESAR Deployment Manager as the Data Link Implementation Project Manager.

Let’s keep on delivering Data Link Services implementation in Europe!


Image source: Network Manager data – update September 2018

PA rate – past 12 months


PA rate over recent years

August 2018: 4.4 – lowest PA rate yet!


Technical round trip delays

August 2018: first time the 99% target has been met!

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