SESAR Deployment Manager appoints new Head of Strategy, Technical and Operations


The SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA), in its role as the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) on behalf of the European Commission, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mariagrazia La Piscopia as new Head of Strategy, Technical and Operations by the Board of Directors.


Before joining SDM, Mariagrazia was ENAV (Italian Air Navigation Service Provider) Head of International Coordination and ATM Planning. She joined SDM since its set up as Deployment Programme Planning Manager and Deputy Director Technical and Operations. She is well known to all implementing partners involved with the SESAR project as well as European institutions and SES bodies. The past 3 years, Mariagrazia has played an instrumental role in every success SDM has achieved, building the SESAR Deployment Programme, implementing the concepts of families and gaps, setting up the DLS implementation strategy and recovery plan and, more recently, leading the Pilot Common Project review and the SDM’s contribution to the definition of the second Common Project.

“I am confident that Mariagrazia will successfully lead the technical and operational tasks of the SDA which are the most crucial in achieving an actual increase of performance through timely implementation of SESAR solutions. With Mariagrazia’s appointment, I have the privilege to start my mandate as General Manager with the support of a Management Team highly competent and strongly committed to SESAR deployment’s success” said Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager of the SDM.