First meeting PANSA-HungaroControl-ROMATSA Consortium (PHRC)


On March 08, 2018 during the World ATM Conference, the SESAR Deployment Manager hosted the first meeting of the PANSA-HungaroControl-ROMATSA Consortium (PHRC) since the accession of the new ANSP Members of the SESAR Deployment Alliance, HungaroControl and ROMATSA as of the 1st January 2018. At the kick-off meeting, which was chaired by the consortium leader PANSA, the members of the PHRC discussed the challenges related to their membership and activities in the SDA governance and its daily operations. The meeting was joined by the SDM General Manager, Nicolas Warinsko, which gave opportunity to commonly approach the financing and staffing of the SESAR Deployment Manager, the potential benefits of cooperative arrangements and the challenges of extending the SESAR Deployment beyond 2020.

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