Building tomorrow’s innovative air traffic system, a high level aviation session


On Wednesday 25 April 2018, SESAR Deployment Manager is organising a high level aviation session during the TEN-T days in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During this session, various high level SESAR stakeholders will air their views on the future of air traffic management.

Tomorrow’s air traffic management system should be created by EU-wide solutions leveraging synergies that ensure interoperability. This session will be dedicated to showcase innovative digital solutions for a more efficient and effective transport system in Europe.

It will focus on SESAR solutions enhancing air transport connectivity through combining legal measures, engagement of civil & military stakeholders, incentives and strong policy steering into an inclusive policy-driven innovation cycle that takes new ATM technologies and operational concepts from their definition to their deployment into the operational environment. This cycle, developed with stakeholders over the past decade, is now running at full regime.

Future aviation will be part of a new intelligent transport system relying on greater digitalization and automation that will transform services enabling seamless multimodal transport for citizens and businesses. This requires a more service-based approach with stronger focus on users’ needs and concentrating efforts and support on systems rather than on technology. The next MFF is an opportunity to further align the aviation strategy and the innovation cycle towards this objective for ensuring the right connectivity is of utmost importance and as such it depends on systems capable of generating and managing more capacity.

Discover the full agenda and speakers here