DLS capacity study - SDM launches open call for tender
DLS capacity study - SDM launches open call for tender

DLS capacity study - SDM launches open call for tender


Following the request from the European Commission (EC) to prepare a “Data Link Services (DLS) implementation strategy to encompass all implementation activities still required to get DLS and then AF6 implemented”, the SESAR Deployment Manager developed and successfully consulted with the stakeholders the strategy which was delivered to EC as an addendum to the Strategic View of the SESAR Deployment Programme 2016 on 28 September 2016.

Immediately after, EC requested the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), acting as the DLS implementation project manager, to derive from the aforementioned strategy a “DLS Recovery Plan” to urgently implement the necessary technological upgrades to ensure a stable and reliable ATN/VDL Mode 2 service.

The DLS Recovery plan aims at focusing on the concrete and relevant activities required to be undertaken in the ground and airborne domains to achieve, in the right sequence, a synchronized DLS deployment in Europe. Taking into consideration the high-level principles concerning the DLS implementation outlined in the Addendum to the Strategic View of the DP 2016, as well as the outcomes of the ELSA study.

In the framework of this role as DLS implementation manager, the SDM is launching as from Friday 4 May 2018 an open call for tender aimed at concluding a direct service contract with one successful tenderer to provide an update of the VDL Mode 2 Capacity and Performance Analysis performed by SESAR Joint Undertaking.

Interested parties are invited to submit a tender, as defined in the Invitation to Tender ref. SDA.DLS.180504 addressing the requirements defined in paragraph 2.

Please find all relevant information to apply for the tender on the following links:

DEADLINE for submission: Friday 1st June 12:00 CET.