Visit to PANSA ATM modernisation projects showcases SESAR Deployment in Poland


Brussels, Belgium, Tuesday 29thMay 2018 – A high-profile delegation of transport officials and politicians visited a series of ongoing projects that are helping to modernise Poland’s air traffic management system and synchronising it with the rest of Europe.

The projects, which fall under the funding framework of “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport” were selected by EC DG MOVE and the European Commission’s (EC) Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

The visit took place in Warsaw and was hosted by the implementing project partner, Polish navigation air service provider PANSA, and in close cooperation with the SESAR Deployment Manager.

During the visit, PANSA demonstrated the value of the projects in terms of activities and results, relating them to the broader context of SESAR deployment in Europe.

The delegation met PANSA at their Warsaw headquarters to witness the achievements of two selected projects – namely 131_AF3 (first part of the upgrade of the PEGASUS system to SESAR functionalities) and 2015_035_AF5 (local area network upgrade).

After receiving a full overview of PANSA’s impressive involvement in CEF co-funded projects, the delegation focused on the installation and launch of the test and validation platform for the new ATM system (131_AF3).

The platform is based on components developed in cooperation with air navigation service providers from Germany, UK, Spain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Norway – so called “iTEC Family”.

The project contains necessary prerequisites to enable the subsequent project, ie the upgrade of the PEGASUS_21 system to support SESAR functionalities through iTEC cooperation.

The platform will enable the validation of the new operational concepts, including: trajectory management, ground safety networks, intersystem coordination, a new user interface and other essential elements of the ATM system.

The budget involved was 6.6 million euro with a 50% EU co-funding and was completed on 31/12/2017.

Next, PANSA showcased project 2015_035_AF5.

The modernisation of the LAN communication infrastructure for ATM results from the increase in the amount of data sent and processed in ATM, and the need to split the data transmission infrastructure into several independent parts, the most important of which will be SWIM – a platform that allows data to be distributed for the ATM purposes.

Modernisation of the infrastructure will contribute to ensuring an adequate level of security and improving the management of information flow.

The budget involved is around 2 million euro of which 85% is co-funded by the European Union. It is planned to be completed before the end of 2020.

During the real-time showcase in the operations room and tower, the delegation got a thorough overview and understanding of the impact of these modernisations deployed under SESAR coordination.

The visit was the occasion to visualise Pilot Common Project (PCP) concepts in operation and underlying technologies, their synchronised deployment, performance improvement for the network, multiple stakeholder’s involvement and more in general PANSA’s participation in the CEF funding framework.

PANSA used the opportunity of EC/INEA/SDM visit to also showcase DLS project (the project co-funded by EU funds in the framework of CEF calls for proposals), that was put into operation in late March.

“PANSA shares ambitious objectives of the Single European Sky initiative. We believe that a synchronised and coordinated deployment of SESAR Programme helps to achieve performance objectives of SES and the overall economic benefits of the ATM modernisation”said Janusz Niedziela, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PANSA during his welcome keynote.

The significant financial support awarded by the European Commission towards the deployment of new concepts and technologies through INEA (Connecting Europe Facility) is a key instrument for the European Air Traffic Management sector.

By doing so, air navigation service providers, airlines, airports, and industry work together with joint cooperative efforts to deliver common values, standards, and products for an integrated air transport sector at European level.

Henrik Hololei, Director General, Mobility & Transport at European Commission, said: “SESAR is the most successful private-public-partnership initiative in the aviation sector ever. It has generated a new mind-set and motivation in stakeholders such as PANSA who, today, are designing and implementing innovation in ATM and synchronising their investments in an unprecedented cooperative effort. The Commission is committed to continue the SESAR success story and work with all of our partners to render the air travel safer and more efficient to the benefit of people travelling in Europe and beyond.”

Dirk Beckers, INEA’s Director,said: “On-site visits to Implementing Partners are very important as they aim to get a reasonable assurance about the achievements and progress made in the implementation of CEF funded projects. This visit enabled INEA to witness the implementation of the test and validation platform for PANSA’s ATM system and the modernisation of the LAN network. The iTEC collaboration is an excellent example how cross-border cooperation provides synergies and benefits through digital synchronisation.”

Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager SESAR Deployment Manager stated:” SESARDeployment Manager is pleased that also in 2018 several projects are and will be showcased to the European Commission and INEA. These visits bring clear and tangible proof that SESAR is delivering. Today we have 71 fully completed projects bringing concrete benefits to EU passengers.”

This was the tenth visit since the start of these visits in March 2016.

All Implementing Partner visits aim to recognise the concrete results from a timely and successful implementation of the Pilot Common Project – six essential Air Traffic Management functionalities co-financed by the EC to facilitate comprehensive and synchronised deployment.

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