Team Members

SESAR Deployment Manager supports Air Traffic Management modernisation in Europe thanks to the team of experts in Air Traffic Management. The SESAR Deployment Manager is composed of full staff members and seconded experts from the SESAR Deployment Alliance.

  • Executive Director

    • Mariagrazia La Piscopia

      Mariagrazia La Piscopia

      Executive Director

  • Management Team

    • Erich Klock

      Erich Klock

      Head of Strategy and Technical Execution

    • Madalina Kramer

      Madalina Kramer

      Head of Stakeholder Relations and Buy-in

    • Ralph Schwarzendahl

      Ralph Schwarzendahl

      Head of Performance and CBA

    • Renaud Trapp

      Renaud Trapp

      Head of Finance and Consortium Coordinator

  • Team members

    • Paolo Di Giovanni

      Paolo Di Giovanni

      Civil ANSPs Liaison Officer

    • Nils Häusler

      Nils Häusler

      Civil Airlines Liaison Officer

    • Barbora Smolikova

      Barbora Smolikova

      Civil Airports Liaison Officer

    • Bernd Tiemeyer

      Bernd Tiemeyer

      Senior Strategy & Quality Advisor

    • Cristian Pradera

      Cristian Pradera

      ATM Modernisation Planning Coordinator

    • Ramon Raposo Vidal

      Ramon Raposo Vidal

      Monitoring and Execution Coordinator

    • Franck Montoya

      Franck Montoya

      Coordinator of Implementation Programmes

    • Giuseppe Acampora

      Giuseppe Acampora

      AF 4 Expert

    • Luna Babusci

      Luna Babusci

      AF 3 Expert

    • Flaminia Barelli

      Flaminia Barelli

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Gaia Basile

      Gaia Basile

      Senior SGA Execution Expert

    • Eric Billard

      Eric Billard

      Civil Military Expert

    • Mira Bognar

      Mira Bognar

      Transversal Technical Support

    • Chadha Boussetta

      Chadha Boussetta

      AF 4 Expert

    • David Brain

      David Brain

      Sustainability and Environment Expert

    • Thomas Buchanan

      Thomas Buchanan

      Transversal ANSP Expert

    • Olga Burdash

      Olga Burdash

      PCBA Expert

    • Carlo Capozzi

      Carlo Capozzi

      Synchronisation and Coordination Expert

    • Valerio Cappellazzo

      Valerio Cappellazzo

      AF 4 Expert

    • Franck Castelain

      Franck Castelain

      Methodology and Tools Senior Expert

    • Laurent Cavadini

      Laurent Cavadini

      Sustainability and Environment Expert

    • Javier Ceballos Gutierrez

      Javier Ceballos Gutierrez

      ADS-B Surveillance Expert

    • Eivan Cerasi

      Eivan Cerasi

      AF 6 Expert

    • Octavian Cioara

      Octavian Cioara

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Ioana Angelica Coliban Porosnicu

      Ioana Angelica Coliban Porosnicu

      AF 6 Expert

    • Pascal Colles

      Pascal Colles

      AF 6 Expert

    • Andrea Conforti

      Andrea Conforti

      SGA Execution & Financial Expert

    • Davide Corinaldesi

      Davide Corinaldesi

      DLS Programme Senior Expert

    • Jean-Marc De L'arbre

      Jean-Marc De L'arbre

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Stefania De Santis

      Stefania De Santis

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Luca Dell'orto

      Luca Dell'orto

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Pascal Dias

      Pascal Dias

      AF 6 Expert

    • Per Erland Andersen

      Per Erland Andersen

      AF 5 Expert

    • Francesco Fei

      Francesco Fei

      Finance Coordinator

    • Nuno Ferreira

      Nuno Ferreira

      AF 6 Expert

    • Pedro Fernandez Sancho

      Pedro Fernandez Sancho

      AF5 and AF6 Expert

    • Nikos Fistas

      Nikos Fistas

      AF 6 Expert

    • Katerina Gautier

      Katerina Gautier

      SGA Execution & Financial Expert

    • Augustin Gheorghe

      Augustin Gheorghe

      AF 6 Expert

    • Stephane Hebert

      Stephane Hebert

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Bernd Hill

      Bernd Hill

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Pascal Hop

      Pascal Hop

      Sustainability and Environment Expert

    • Antoine Hottelart

      Antoine Hottelart

      PCBA Senior Expert

    • Jakub Kepa

      Jakub Kepa

      Cooperative Arrangements Expert

    • Pia Kneip

      Pia Kneip

      Senior SGA Execution Expert

    • Thomas Koerber

      Thomas Koerber

      Transversal Expert

    • Mariya Koleva

      Mariya Koleva

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Giulia Komel

      Giulia Komel

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Stavroula Kotti

      Stavroula Kotti

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Rosalind Lapsley

      Rosalind Lapsley

      AF 5 Expert

    • Tim Laveyne

      Tim Laveyne

      Responsible Support to SR and Buy-in Team

    • Maria Lenne-Van Wegberg

      Maria Lenne-Van Wegberg

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Hubert Lepori

      Hubert Lepori

      AF 5 and AF 6 Expert

    • Eva Lopez

      Eva Lopez

      AF 3 Expert

    • Marina Lopez Rodriguez

      Marina Lopez Rodriguez

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Simona Lotti

      Simona Lotti

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Borja Martinez Fernandez

      Borja Martinez Fernandez

      PCBA Expert

    • Veronique Martou

      Veronique Martou

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Federica Messina

      Federica Messina

      Stakeholders Consultation Expert

    • Laurent Meyer

      Laurent Meyer

      AF 6 Expert

    • Eric Miart

      Eric Miart

      AF 2 Expert

    • Magnus Molbaek

      Magnus Molbaek

      AF 5 Expert

    • Marie-Anne Nuhaan

      Marie-Anne Nuhaan

      Assistant to the Executive Director & the Management Team

    • Valeria Oblin

      Valeria Oblin

      Senior Monitoring Expert

    • Cristina Oliva

      Cristina Oliva

      SGA Execution Expert

    • Barbara Pagenkaemper

      Barbara Pagenkaemper

      Communications Assistant​

    • Monica Palacios Ituarte

      Monica Palacios Ituarte

      Senior Execution Expert

    • Loreto Pastor

      Loreto Pastor

      Transversal Expert, DP Planning

    • Tamara Pejovic

      Tamara Pejovic

      Sustainability and Environment Expert

    • Jorge Pereira

      Jorge Pereira

      Civil Military Expert

    • Margherita Perotti

      Margherita Perotti

      Senior SGA Execution Expert

    • Eric Perrin

      Eric Perrin

      Sustainability & Environment Expert

    • Michael Pichler

      Michael Pichler

      AF 5 Expert

    • Sean Plaice

      Sean Plaice

      Eurocontrol Back Office

    • Eduard Porosnicu

      Eduard Porosnicu

      AF 5 Expert

    • Jacky Pouzet

      Jacky Pouzet

      AF 6 Expert

    • Peter Pravits

      Peter Pravits

      AF 6 Expert

    • Kirsteen Purves

      Kirsteen Purves

      Performance and CBA Expert

    • Laurent Puzenat

      Laurent Puzenat

      Transversal AU Expert

    • Ratko Rajkovic

      Ratko Rajkovic

      SGA Execution Expert

    • Felicidad Ramos Manjavacas

      Felicidad Ramos Manjavacas

      Senior Planning Expert

    • Christos Rekkas

      Christos Rekkas

      ADS-B Surveillance Expert and CNS Planning Expert