SESAR Deployment Programme 2018 approved by European Commission
SESAR Deployment Programme 2018 approved by European Commission

SESAR Deployment Programme 2018 approved by European Commission


On Wednesday 19 December 2018, the 2018 edition of the SESAR Deployment Programme was officially approved by the European Commission College in accordance with Articles 11 and 12 of Regulation (EU)409/2013.

The adoption by European Commission of the Reg. (EU) n. 716/2014 (Pilot Common Project), the establishment of the SESAR Deployment Manager as per Reg. (EU) n. 409/2013, as well as the subsequent elaboration of the SESAR Deployment Programme, mark all together the real start of the Deployment Phase of SESAR. It is within such phase that the modernization of the European ATM system becomes an operational reality and starts bringing the expected benefits, after its careful planning and its progress towards an adequate level of technological maturity.

This modernization initiative entails a coordinated effort from all operational stakeholders impacted by the PCP Regulation, which are required to get organized to ensure a synchronized, timely and performance-driven deployment of the ATM Functionalities included in the PCP.

In order to better streamline and synchronize the implementation activities across Europe, the SESAR Deployment Programme includes a constantly evolving reporting mechanism, which monitors all implementation activities associated to the ATM functionalities of the DP, thus tracking the overall progress of the PCP implementation.

More specifically, the synchronization of the PCP deployment relies on the oversight and monitoring of all implementation initiatives activated by operational stakeholders impacted by the Pilot Common Project: this oversight is not only limited to Implementation Projects under SDM coordination and benefitting of EU funding support, but also involves any other deployment activities aiming at implementing technological and/or operational elements within the SESAR Deployment Programme scope, helping to comply with the requirements set forth by Regulation (EU) n. 716/2014.

Monitoring the full picture of the deployment also allows the identification of those activities that still need to be undertaken to achieve the full PCP implementation across Europe, also ensuring the adequate level of involvement of the requested stakeholder categories.

As the deployment phase of SESAR passed its start-up period and is now progressing at full speed, the tailored structure of the SESAR Deployment Programme has been designed in order to allow an adequate level of flexibility, and to ensure constant alignment with the living ATM reality, both on ground and on airborne side.

The Monitoring View 2018 thus provides such updated view, building on a dedicated Monitoring Exercise involving all impacted operational stakeholders. This view is updated on a yearly basis, so as to make sure that all progresses in the implementation are duly taken into account, helping to steer the subsequent phase of the PCP deployment and to develop a common reference for all involved actors.