This was the SESAR Deployment Manager Annual Meeting 2020

This year’s SESAR Deployment Manager Annual Meeting was a uniquely meaningful event for all stakeholders involved in the deployment of SESAR for many reasons. The most obvious one would be its fully virtual setting: for the first time, SESAR Deployment Manager welcomed all participants on a day-long online event which featured many special interventions, in order to comply with the safety measures imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. However, despite not being able to meet face-to-face as we’ve had in the past years, the Annual Meeting still delivered to its stakeholders. None of this would have been achieved without the strong commitment of all Implementing Partners, who delivered over 150 completed projects under the coordination of SESAR Deployment Manager and funded by the European Commission and INEA. This momentum and strong collaborative spirit will ensure the smooth transition for the future of SESAR deployment:

Henrik Hololei, Director General of the European Commission Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport: “This year’s event is really special because it represents a landmark for what the pioneering and highly motivated partnership can achieve. There is one common goal: restore aviation, recover from the crisis and thrive in the future with the aim to achieve a more sustainable, smarter and more resilient sector. These efforts, for an evolutionary continuity, reflect the high level of commitment of the SESAR Deployment Alliance staff and members.

Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager of the SESAR Deployment Manager: “The path to full recovery in aviation is long and contains obstacles no one had anticipated. It is important that we can act together, build together and aim together for a more digital, greener and sustainable aviation environment. The SESAR Deployment Manager Function will keep on joining forces and building bridges between operational stakeholders and European institutions to make Air Traffic Management become more effective, cost-efficient, scalable and environmentally sustainable.”

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