When and how does SDM plan to bring partners together to merge projects and provide joint IP Templates?

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Tim Laveyne


In accordance with the high-level principles stated in the Deployment Programme 2016 (Strategic View, Section 2.7.4), operational stakeholders are strongly suggested to liaise in order to present joint Implementation Projects, which shall encompass all activities deemed necessary to fully close Implementation gaps (as identified in the DP 2016 Project View). SDM has already exploited the Indications of Interest exercise to suggest to expand the scope of the project to other local stakeholders and – when necessary – to highlight to specific stakeholders the opportunity of merging specific initiatives into joint proposals. In addition, SDM will take advantage of the first round of Implementation Projects (expected for November 3rd; specifically, for DLS Implementation Projects the first round is expected for November 17th) to identify candidate Implementation Projects that still could be merged, in order to better synchronize and de-fragment the PCP deployment.