Is the SESAR Deployment Manager deciding on the Deployment Programme?

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First, the Deployment Programme is “only” a project view of the Pilot Common Project. This implies that what to implement, where to implement, by whom to implement and by when, is imposed by the regulation on SDM. Within this framework, SDM’s added value is to build on industry’s expertise to set how to best organise a portfolio of implementation projects that, when completed, will all together meet the what, the where, the who and the when set by the PCP. This is what the Deployment Programme aims at.

Second, final approval of the Deployment Programme (DP) will be by the European Commission (EC). The SESAR Deployment Manager has the contractual obligation to provide the DP to EC. The SESAR Deployment Manager will consult on the DP with all stakeholders before submission to EC to ensure the buy-in of the operational stakeholders to the greatest possible degree. Any major version of the DP submitted to EC for its approval will be accompanied by a consultation report that will record all opinions and recommendations issued by the members of the stakeholder’s consultation platform and how they were processed by SDM. This report will conclude with SDM’s assessment of stakeholders’ level of buy-in.