Are project proposals expected to be submitted using the IP Template? What if a project includes Cohesion States and airborne costs (different funding rates) – will separate finance sheets be required for the funding claim?

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A/ SDM has distributed an updated IP template to its contact database on 11/11/2015. This template is also available on the SDM website under the following link

The IP template constitutes the essential form through which the SDM collects relevant information on technical and economics of the implementation projects proposals. The Proposals will be submitted to INEA using the Application Form provided within the call, Application Form Part A, Part B, Part C and part D. The IP templates will be attached as annex to the Part D.

B/ In case of project to be submitted under either General Call and Cohesion call, separate proposal(s) for General Call and Cohesion Call shall be submitted separately to INEA including clear cross referencing, according to requirements posed in the 2015 CEF transport Calls with the concept of “twinned proposals”.

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