What will be the process of submitting to INEA once the IP Templates per project have been submitted by Implementing Stakeholders to SDM? What is the process for the proposal(s) elaboration?

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The Proposal submitted in response to the CEF Transport Call 2015 is composed of the 4 parts:

– Application Form A

– Application Form B

– Application Form C

– Application Form D

The IP templates are one of the Annexes of the Part D of the proposal. The budget (included in part A) and Technical part of the proposal (included in part D) are elaborated on the basis of the information provided through the IP templates duly filled by the Implementing Stakeholders.

In particular, the process for the IP templates elaboration will be the following:

Implementing Stakeholders submit a first draft of the IP templates duly filled in

– SDM technical experts elaborate the assessment and recommendations to the IP templates received

2 . The Implementing Stakeholders elaborate and submit the second draft version of the IP templates on the basis of the SDM indications

– SDM technical experts elaborate the final assessment of the IP templates received

3 . The Implementing Stakeholders elaborate and submit the final version of the IP template to be included as an annex to the Application Form Part D (Final deadline for the provision of the finalised IP templates from Implementing Stakeholders to SDM: 16.12.2015)


Part D and Budget elaboration

On the basis of the IP templates the Part D (technical part) and Budget will be elaborated through the following iterative process:

SDM elaborates, according to the information provided by Implementing Stakeholders through the IP template, and uploads the draft of the Part D for the proposal v1.0 together with the relevant budget v1.0

– Implementing Stakeholders comments/provide the contributions (within the agreed deadline)

SDM collects the comments/contributions and uploads the version 2.0 of the draft Part D and Budget

– Implementing Stakeholders comments/provides the contributions (within the agreed deadline)

SDM elaborates and uploads the final version 3.0 of the Part D and budget

– Implementing Stakeholders approve the version 3.0 of the Part D and budget


An Abstract of the approved versions, Part D and Budget, is submitted to the interested Member States for their endorsement to be provided according to INEA provisions.


Part A, B, C elaboration

The Administrative, Economic, Legal part and Part C (compliance with the EU policy) of the proposal will be elaborated on the basis of the documents received from the Implementing Partners (in line with the INEA process) through the following process:

Implementing Partners send scanned copies to SDM (according to the SDM indications and INEA request)

– SDM provides the Implementing Partners with the comments to the documents received to support them in ensuring compliance with CEF transport call provisions

Implementing Partners send the requested information and documents, revised on the basis of the indications received, in original to the SDM

SDM collects and package the proposal for the submission to INEA trough the eTEN-tec tool for the part D, part A, B and C are provided in original.

For further timeline details, please refer to the SDM Guidelines for the CEF Transport Calls for Proposals 2015 available under the following link: http://www.sesardeploymentmanager.eu/sdm-guidelines-for-the-cef-transport-call-2015-available/

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