In order to prepare the proposals for the call 2016, I was wondering if the SDM will make available a new IP template or if we can use the one used for the call 2015?

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Tim Laveyne

For the purpose of the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals, a new template for IP Description is available.

As many stakeholders have requested to benefit from maximum flexibility during the first round, in particular to facilitate exchanges with potential other partners, the SDM decided to run the first round on the basis of an Excel IP template.

Therefore, the first draft of your candidate IPs shall be submitted by 3rd of November using this Excel IP template Specific guidelines are provided to support you when filling in this Excel IP template.

However, from the second round onwards, you will be requested to consolidate your candidate IPs into the STAR tool. By 21st of October, together with the general guidelines for 2016 CEF Calls for Proposals preparation, the SDM will provide you with another specific guidelines to ease your migration from Excel to STAR tool.