Which fees are expected for new Implementing Partners (e.g. SDM coordination fee). Will new Implementing Partners share all rights and obligations in accordance to ICA?

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The new Implementing partners will share the same rights and obligations of those implementing partners already included in the Framework Partnership Agreement.

This applies also to the FPA Coordination Fee, which is regulated in the Internal Cooperation Agreement Part B art 6.: the same transparent rule applies to all Implementing Partners.

It is important to highlight that the FPA, and the ICA (which is required by Article I.5 of the FPA and it is an integral part of the FPA) represent the fundamental contractual framework for the SESAR deployment which already exists and which the selected CEF call applicants are required to join as partners before being able to sign the SGA covering their projects: “Applicants who are awarded a grant under this call and are not partners in the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership will be required to join the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership, as partners, by signing the Framework Partnership Agreement before being able to sign the Specific Grant Agreements covering their projects.” (source: https://ec.europa.eu/inea/sites/inea/files/3.3.1.cef-t_2015_all_priority_sesar.pdf)

The model FPA and SGA are published with the CEF call for proposals. The terms and conditions of the FPA, ICA and SGA are not subject to negotiation with the implementing partners as it is of utmost importance to ensure the equal treatment of CEF beneficiaries, and avoid customised provisions negotiated by beneficiaries

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