Why is the Deployment Programme so important?

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The Pilot Common Project (PCP) is a regulation, which has to be implemented by operational stakeholders in targeted geographical areas to bring the expected benefit for European ATM and European Transport Industry. The Deployment Programme is the breakdown of the PCP to project level, including clear timelines and planning details (“setting the HOW”) while the PCP sets what to implement, where and by whom as well as the time windows for implementation. This means that the Deployment Programme has direct influence on the investment plans and investment decisions of each investor. Early planning is key for the stakeholders and the DP is the tool to guide investment planning by each stakeholder. The aim of the DP is to provide the best planning to optimise the investments in ATM and bring the most value for money.

After EC’s approval, INEA will base the next CEF Transport Calls for Proposals on the Deployment Programme (and any future updates).