Is the call planned according the first come first served principle until all funding is exhausted, or does it contain some from of the budgeting process in which dedicated budgets for the specific operational stakeholder groupings (military/civil ANSPs, airports, airlines) will be reserved?

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The evaluation and selection of proposals submitted under the CEF-Transport is carried out exclusively by the Commission, with the assistance of INEA and the support of independent technical experts, whose role is to ensure that only the most high-quality proposals, which best meet the award criteria as described in the relevant work programme and call text, are selected for funding.

The evaluation process is based on two key principles:

– Equal treatment – all proposals are evaluated in the same manner against the same

criteria, and

– Transparency – adequate feedback is provided to applicants on the outcome of the evaluation of their proposals.

Proposals which meet the formal requirements and the eligibility and selection criteria specified in the work programmes and call texts are evaluated on the basis of the award criteria defined in the relevant work programme and call texts. The award criteria are relate to relevance, maturity, impact and quality.

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