Deployment Programme

Please note that editions 2016 and 2017 of the Deployment Programme are proposals for update.The only official reference document is the edition 2015, approved by the College (College decision C(2016)2052) in accordance with Articles 11 and 12 of Regulation (EU)409/2013.

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Deployment Programme edition November 2015 – Approved by the European Commission


29 March 2018

SESAR Deployment Programme edition 2017 Proposal for update

Monitoring View: SESAR DM Monitoring View

Planning View: SESAR DM Planning View 2017

Planning View Annexes: SESAR DM Planning View Annex

* The edition of 29 March 2018 is an update of the previous version, launched on 20 December 2017.

Here below, you can find the summary of the main changes implemented in the SESAR Deployment Programme Edition 2017:

  • Chapter 2 “The SESAR Deployment Programme development process and the SESAR Deployment Strategy”has been reworked. Now it includes 2 sections and the content has been enriched:

o   The first Section 2.1 (The process to define and update an agreed plan to implement Common Projects)is dedicated to the process to define the plan to implement CPs. Basically, it is built starting from the previous version of the strategy with its 4 phases (planning, executing, monitoring and review), but it’s further detailed when it comes to the planning activities, where the Deployment Strategy is defined. Synchronisation has been better described and emphasized throughout this section, as recommended by your services

o   The Section 2.2 (Roll-out of the Deployment Strategy: from R&D to Common Projects implementation)is new, and it integrates the PCP within a wider Strategy perspective, thus bridging it with additional items (i.e. ADS-B, CNS Rationalization, cybersecurity, digitalisation, etc.) as per ATM Master Plan. It also includes the stand-alone focus on Global Interoperability. This section also integrates elements which were previously listed in Chapter 3, namely the full list of the 48 Families of the SDP, its Work Breakdown Structure, and the overall Gantt chart. This was one of the main recommendations from the EC. Furthermore, within the dedicated sub-section 2.2.3, the 6 AF-based Deployment Approachesare included and linked again with the Deployment Strategy where needed. All these sections have been amended to meet your expectations.

  • Chapter 3 is now focused only on the description of the ATM Functionalities, including the 6 factsheets, their technical description (slight updates in some of them), focus on future performances and the Family overviews, which will then be further detailed in the Planning View. The main change is related to dedicated boxes with the summary of the Deployment Approach– drafted specifically with lay-man wording – explaining the process that should be followed in the implementation of each AF by the stakeholders.
  • Within Chapter 4 (Performance Aspects) and Chapter 5 (Risk Management), only minor changes have been applied

Considering that the above changes are mostly final adjustments to ease the approval process in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 409/2013, please note that this Version March 2018 has neither been re-consulted with the operational stakeholders nor re-endorsed by the Board of Directors of the SDA AISBL. This update is a proposal pending EC approval.


27 November 2015
Deployment Programme edition November 2015 – Approved by the European Commission



10 October 2017

Guidance Material for SESAR Deployment Programme Implementation:

28 July 2017

Guidance Material for SESAR Deployment Programme Implementation:

31 May 2017

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SESAR Deployment Programme edition 2017  Proposal for update

SESAR Deployment Programme edition 2017 Annex   Proposal for update

The SESAR Deployment Programme edition 2017 is also available to view/download as separate chapters here below: Proposal for update


7 October 2016

Deployment Programme 2016  Proposal for update

Deployment Programme 2016 Annexes    Proposal for update

The Deployment Programme edition 2016 is also available to view/download as separate chapters Proposal for update


30 September 2015
Deployment Programme 2015: DP_2015_Final
Deployment Programme 2015 Annexes: DP_2015_Annexes_Final
Deployment Programme 2015 Executive Summary: DP_2015_Executive Summary

29 June 2015

Consultation phase DP V1:

The Draft Deployment Programme Version 1 (draft DP v1) is available for consultation within the Stakeholders’  Consultation Platform (SCP) as from 15th of May 2015. Please click here for all information and the DPv1.

Invitation to participate in the Stakeholders’ Consultation Platform:

Background material Consultation Platform: