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Implementing Partners

AirNav Ireland
Contributor: AirNav Ireland
Contributor: Austrocontrol
Croatia Control
Contributor: Croatia Control
Contributor: DCAC
Contributor: DSNA
Contributor: ENAIRE
Contributor: LFV
Contributor: MATS
NAV Portugal
Contributor: NAV Portugal
Contributor: Naviair
Oro Navigacija
Contributor: Oro Navigacija
Contributor: Pansa
Spanish Air Force
Contributor: Spanish Air Force


ASM (Airspace Management Service) SWIM (System-Wide Information Management) is a multi-stakeholder project with 15 organizations partnering to ensure a timely and synchronised implementation of Common Project 1 (CP1) in accordance with the deployment approach defined in the SESAR Deployment Programe (SDP)
It addresses short-term implementation needs resulting from the CP1 and the supporting SDP, particularly the implementation of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Functionalities “AF5 – System Wide Information Management (SWIM)” sub-functionality on Aeronautical Information Exchange (SDP 5.3.1) with the implementation target date of 31 December 2025. SWIM aims at the digitalisation of information exchanges across the European ATM system, enabling direct operational benefits by assuring the provision of quality information delivered to the right place at the right time.
As a fundamental part of SDP Family 5.3.1, the WP provides real time airspace status information from ASM Support System to Air Traffic Control (ATC) System enhances flight safety, improves civil-military ASM tactical coordination, increases airspace capacity by optimising flown trajectories and reduces CO2 emissions.

The project benefits from a common ASM Support System (LARA - Local and Sub-Regional ASM support system) implemented in the majority of the project’s participants, that will include in its Q4 2023 release the SWIM ASM Service as defined in the EUROCONTROL Specification. The project will have at its disposal clear specifications and guidance material to drive its implementation.

The sharing of airspace structure and availability in real-time will contribute to a more efficient execution of the flight as information impacting the trajectory will be exchanged with high quality and accuracy, leading to potentially optimised trajectories. This will indirectly impact airspace capacity and flight execution leading to, however not quantifiable, higher predictability benefitting all aviation stakeholders, lower fuel consumption and therefore lower environmental impact.
The project will harmonise ASM data exchanges by ensuring that:
• Airspace structure data is consumed from Network Manager (NM) B2B services by the local ASM support systems.
• Airspace availability data Airspace Use Plan / Updated (Airspace) Use Plan (AUP/UUP), are transmitted from local ASM support systems to NM via B2B.
• Airspace status information is exchanged in real-time between the ASM and ATC system related to the activation and deactivation of ARES, and displayed in the Controller Working Position (CWP).
• Cross border Airspace Reservation (ARES) information is exchanged with relevant civil and military stakeholders via SWIM services.

The participants in this Implementation Project will contribute to the following “Subtasks”:
- Subtask T1 – Project management and coordination (only covered by EUROCONTROL as Project Leader)
- Subtask T2 - Implementation of local airspace management system.
- Subtask T3 - Consume Airspace Structure services.
- Subtask T4 - Local ASM system uses NM Airspace Structure service.
- Subtask T5 - Provision of AUP and UUP to NM.
- Subtask T6 - Operational training / pre-tactical phase.
- Subtask T7 – ARES Local connection.
- Subtask T8 – Local safety case preparation.
- Subtask T9 - Operational training / tactical phase.
- Subtask T10 – ARES local consumption.
- Subtask T11 – Provision of ARES to external consumers.
- Subtask T12 - Consumption of ARES from external ANSPs.

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Network ManagerAir Navigation Service ProviderAirport
  • CEF Call Year: 2022
  • Civil/Military: CivilMilitary
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.3 - Aeronautical information exchange
  • Progress Percentage: 9%