PATRUS niveau 2 - Gateway Updgrade for 4Flight compliance


May. '18CompletedSep. '20

Implementing Partners

French MoD
Leader: French MoD


Upgrading the French PATRUS (Passerelle Temps-Reel Multi Niveaux) gateway (network) will allow interoperability with the French DSNA system 4flight and will provide more performance to the EU network. This Implementing Project will finally allow the migration to IP protocol and pave the way the SWIM deployment.

This Implementing Project is essential to enabling the exchange of surveillance and control data between civil ATC system and military AD (Air Defence) system. The work will allow an initial one-way capability of data reception for the correct data processing by the AD FDPS, IP-capable and interoperable with the new ATC civil system.

2017_080_AF5, this IP, is a project adjacent to the PATRUS Gateway project (IP 2015_249_AF5, Action 2015-EU-TM-0196-M). This second part (PATRUS2) completes the Gateway requirements identified by the French Ministry of Defence for the complete and successful interoperability of the civil and military ATC systems. 2015_247_AF3 is about the implementation of the ATC Military system 4-flight, 2015_249_AF5 is the actual implementation of the Gateway, whereas this IP deals with the interfaces between the Civil and Military 4-Flight, bearing in mind the stepped approach during 2 years that will be followed in the implementation of Civil 4-flight. 2015_249_AF5 and 2017_080_AF5 are different contracts with the French Ministry of Defence.

The execution of this Implementing Project is necessary for the French Air Defence firstly, in order to be interoperable with French civil ATC and the functional evolutions brought by the deployment of 4flight for DSNA. Secondly, to prepare the infrastructure for the use of SWIM by the AD systems so, in order to maintain interoperability from the outset of 4Flight implementation plan (including test phases) military must deploy a solution enabling the interoperability between the civil and military control systems. 4Flight only way of data exchange is under IP protocol while the military CRC (Control and Reporting Centres) systems handle these flows only under X25 protocol. PATRUS2 will enable the mapping and conversion of protocol of 4Flight flows for the benefit of the CRC systems before arrival of PATRUS (IP compliant) and also adaptation of PATRUS itself for the new need (4Flight data treatment).

Specific objectives:
This IP specifically aims to

  • Adapt full interoperability of French civil and military control centres on IP_based protocol and prepare the baseline of the SWIM deployment;

  • Enhance full interoperability of French military control centres and foreign civil control centres based on the new ATC civil systems to be put in service;

  • Enhance ground/ground automated process coordination between civil and military control centres;

  • Allow exchange of new data supported by an IP_based network between military and civil paving the way to the SWIM deployment.

Expected Results:
The final result of this Implementing project is the deployment of the new solution allowing the interoperability between civil and military ATC systems, in particular:

  • the 4Flight gateway for transition phase to PATRUS on the gateway sites is deployed;

  • PATRUS to 4Flight is updated;

  • the 4Flight evolution for PATRUS is deployed and validated on the test platform.

Performance Benefits:
Such an improved cooperation will lead to less fuel consumption and less CO² emissions. Second, saving expenditures for dedicated Military ANS system will lead to save public money.
The operational burden on ATCO shoulders will diminish, which should create indirect capacity improvement. Such a capacity improvement would then benefit at FABEC Level, i.e. positive impact on FABEC Performance Plan.

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • CEF Call Year: 2017
  • Civil/Military: CivilMilitary
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.2 - SWIM Technical Infrastructure and Profiles
  • Progress Percentage: 100%