Apr. '18CompletedDec. '21

Implementing Partners

Italian Air Force
Leader: Italian Air Force


Italian Air Force provides Air Navigation Services to both general and operational air traffic (GAT and OAT). As such the Italian Air Force has to ensure Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) to civil and military users. The management of current aeronautical information is crucial for the implementation of services distributed in accordance to System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) architecture in order to ensure the flow of aeronautical information/data necessary for safety, regularity, economy and efficiency of international air navigation. Italian Air Force needs to deploy a new Aeronautical Information Exchange System in order to enable AIS data exchange with EAD (European AIS database).

Specific objectives:
The new system is a SWIM prerequisite by joining EAD on a B2B principle sharing AIS database information. In particular this IP specifically aims to:

  • Proceed to the AIS and Met database integration;

  • Implement a distributed Web based Digital Briefing capability according to ESSIP (European Single Sky implementation Plan) INF04 available also for mobile devices;

  • implement Digital NOTAM generation and distribution;

  • enable AIS data exchange with EAD;

  • train all the different categories of users.

Expected Results:
The implementation of an integrated Aeronautical Information System and of an integrated briefing capability will allow:

  • an integrated and flexible provision and presentation of data which are required during the pre-flight phase for the preparation and execution of a flight;

  • an enhanced access and provision of various data/information sources such as AIS, ARO (ATS Reporting Office), MET and ATFM which provide i.e. NOTAM, SNOWTAM (special NOTAM reporting hazardous conditions), MET messages, FPL and related messages or ATFM messages.

Performance benefits

The implementation of a new integrated Aeronautical System will:

  • increase the interoperability of the EATM network by exchanging AIS data with EAD(30%);

  • improve the quality of AIS services provided by Italian Air Force by providing AIS and Met data and information with an increased level of accuracy integrity and promptness(40%);

  • ensure an increased level of availability of service(30%);

  • increase safety levels by providing an increased availability of data and information of proved quality(30%);

  • enable a rationalisation of ATS Reporting Offices from the current 20 to only 2 offices with a considerable reduction of costs(60%).

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • CEF Call Year: 2017
  • Civil/Military: Military
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.3 - Aeronautical information exchange
  • Progress Percentage: 100%