SEPIA - Deploying SWIM based AIM services in French Airspace


Apr. '18OngoingDec. '25

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Leader: DSNA



The project SEPIA ("Système Evolutif de Production de l'Information Aéronautique") is targeting the replacement of DSNA current Aeronautical Information production system called NOPIA ("Nouvel Outil de Production de l'Information Aéronautique"), which is now obsolete. SEPIA aims at offering data exchange services compliant with the SWIM concept to all AIM stakeholders. Through SEPIA, SWIM exchanges will be implemented with other European AIM systems, like EAD (European AIS Database) and later EAIMS (European ATM Information Management Service), but also new services will be offered such as providing ATCOs with direct and dynamic Aeronautical Information.
SEPIA will fulfil all DSNA needs for production, broadcasting and offering of Aeronautical Information, in full compliance with applicable regulations.
SEPIA is intended to be DSNA one-stop shop to enable other high added value systems (such as SOFIA- Services Orientés Fourniture d'Informations Aéronautiques) to retrieve Aeronautical Information through B2B services and to offer B2C services to aeronautical data providers. SEPIA is a core component of SOFIA, which is an "umbrella" project led by DSNA, which aims at providing all categories of AIM stakeholders with more reliable data thanks to SEPIA and with a best-in-class customer experience thanks to user-friendly HMIs. SOFIA will deliver new Aeronautical Information oriented services tailored to the needs of its customers, such as Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB), drone maps, etc.
DSNA AF5 context:
Through the awarded IP 2016_141_AF5 “Deploy SWIM governance” IP (Action 2016-EU-TM-0117-M), DSNA has started to address the Common SWIM Infrastructure components. DSNA is furthermore contributing to the multi-stakeholders IP "2017_084_AF5 SWIM Common PKI and policies & procedures for establishing a Trust framework", whose purpose is to build the future European cyber-security and PKI framework (addressing Family "5.1.4 Common SWIM PKI and cyber security"). Moreover, family "5.2.3 Stakeholders SWIM PKI and cyber security" is addressed by IP 2017_034_AF5 "Deploying Cyber Infrastructure at DSNA" which aims at deploying SWIM PKI and cyber security means at DSNA. In addition, IP2017_035_AF5 "Deploying SWIM infrastructure at DSNA" supports family 5.2.2 "Stakeholders SWIM Infrastructures Components" and its goal is to deploy the SWIM Yellow Profile Infrastructure at DSNA.
The main objective of the IP 2017_039_AF5 "SEPIA Deploying SWIM based AIM services related to French Airspace" is to implement a first set of Aeronautical Exchanges services (related to Family 5.3.1) enabling a first operational use of the DSNA SWIM infrastructure

Specific objectives:
The IP specifically aims to:

  • Make AIM an enabler to support innovation and business transformation within DSNA.

  • Ease inter-operability essentially between DSNA systems.

  • Collaborate with other stakeholders at creating new SWIM services.

  • Improve exchanges with other European systems.

  • Improve performance for users.

  • Limit risks and ensure security of the whole AIM process.

The SEPIA project will cover:

  • the implementation of services compliant with the applicable version of the ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM), the AIRM Foundation Material and the Information Service Reference Model (ISRM) SESAR 1 Material,

  • an exchange model compliant with AIXM v5.1,

  • an infrastructure compliant with the SWIM Yellow Profile,

  • the rationalisation and simplification of actual procedures.

It will associate data originators in order to provide seamless processing of data.
The project will provide a smooth coordination with IP "2017_035_AF5 Deploying SWIM infrastructure at DSNA" to ensure interoperability and cross domain integration (AIM, MET, ATM).
SEPIA project consists of the following steps:

  • Development of an AIXM 5.1 compliant data store to store the digital aeronautical data

  • Migration of the legacy data into the new data store

  • Development of the SWIM core services for the retrieval of digital data

  • Development of quality management procedures and processes to ensure conformity with required quality assurance level of the digital data

  • Implementation of SWIM services that allow consumers to access the digital data

  • Assessment of SWIM services in relation with airspace users and validation to be recorded in the SWIM registry

Expected Results:
Deriving directly from SEPIA implementation:

  • Conformity with ADQ-IR (Aeronautical Data Quality Implementing Rule) requirements is achieved;

  • SWIM SESAR concepts are deployed, notably AIXM5.1 standards;

  • Consumer experience is improved for pilots, encoders, Eurocontrol, NOF (International NOTAM office);

  • D-NOTAMs are provided as a service to the consumers (Airspace Users, ATM);

  • Aeronautical Information is provided both as a service and as an AIM data catalogue in line with the latest amendment of ICAO Annex 15 and PANS-AIM (Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aeronautical Information Management).
    In connection with other systems SEPIA will enable:

  • Compliance with ISRM services - Aerodrome mapping data and Airport Maps including eTOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) are provided in line with the latest amendment of ICAO Annex 4;

  • Access to aeronautical information data is improved and made easier for the ATM system stakeholders (ATCO, FUA….).

Performance Benefits:

  • Data Integrity : reduce by 50% the number of data input

  • Data completeness : increase by 50% the data coverage

  • Data safety : reduce by 80% the number of published mistake on critical data

  • Improvement by 30% of production schedule

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2017
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.3 - Aeronautical information exchange
  • Progress Percentage: 83%