Implementation of pre-defined airspace configuration


Apr. '17CompletedDec. '21

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The Implementation Project (IP) aims to improve systems to allow exchange of airspace solutions and predefined airspace configurations info through the rolling Airspace Use Plan (AUP)/ Updated Airspace Use Plan (UUP) process. The Implementation of pre-defined airspace configuration exchange covers the improvements of Network Manager (NM) systems, including revision of AUP template, to allow exchange of predefined airspace configurations information through the rolling AUP/UUP process. The implementation of full dynamic airspace configuration covers the process, which would be able automatically to share any dynamic airspace configuration provided by the full rolling AUP/UUP process.

The implementation of improved Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process for management of pre-defined and full dynamic airspace configurations addresses the improvements of the current capability to perform network impact assessment, including Free Route Airspace (FRA) operations, as well as to automate the CDM process with involved stakeholders for the finalisation of "optimum" airspace plans based on the management of pre-defined airspace and full dynamic configurations.

This Implementation Project includes the development and deployment of supporting tool for Airspace Management (ASM) performance analysis, which are required to assess the flight efficiency gains stemming from the rolling ASM/Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) process. The changes contained in this IP include adaptation of documentation as well as NM system technical changes. NM System upgrades and their deployment are necessary for other Stakeholders to perform their own deployment related to the concerned Families.

This IP is fully aligned with Pilot Common Project (PCP) s-ATM-Functionality (AF) 3.1 related to ASM solutions to support all airspace users, including enabling the alignment of FRA and Direct Route (DCT) and the NM system requirement that airspace configurations accessibility via Network Manager systems and the up-to-date and foreseen airspace configurations, to allow airspace users to file and modify their flight plans based on timely and accurate information. It builds on CEF Transport 2014 (2014-EU-TM-013-M) IP 080AF3 which addresses only the pre-requisites for dynamic airspace configuration (new AUP template) but not the system and procedural changes for dynamic airspace configurations. The scope of this IP is fully aligned with Deployment Programme (DP) 2016 related to NM system/procedural changes to Improved ASM solution process and Process/System changes for predefined airspace configurations including DCTs and FRA.

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Additional Information

  • Project Type: Network Manager
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF3 - Flexible ASM and Free Route
  • Sub AF: S-AF 3.1 - Airspace Management and Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace
  • Progress Percentage: 100%