NewPENS Stakeholders contribution for the procurement and deployment of NewPENS


Feb. '17CompletedDec. '20

Implementing Partners

Contributor: Pansa


This Implementation Project (IP) is a complementary part of the Implementation Projects 2015_174_AF5_A (2015-EU-TM-0196-M) and 2015_174_AF5_B (2015-EU-TM-0197-M) all of them being part of the NewPENS (Pan European Network Services) project.

The Implementation Project aims at supporting the efforts of 1 member (PANSA) and (EUROCONTROL) which is essential to ensure a service without a gap in the North European region and to secure the full necessary management resources required to manage such a complex NewPENS deployment. The project will be deployed in cooperation with Air Navigation Services providers (ANSPs), Airports, Airlines, MET Providers and Military.

The project will procure and deploy the NewPENS network, an IP (Internet Protocol) services based Ground-Ground network that will replace the current PENS to support all SWIM (System Wide Information Management) Information Exchanges, the IOP Flight Object and other Information Exchanges to become the unique international ATM (Air Traffic Management) network in the ICAO EUR/NAT Region.

This project will ensure the availability of NewPENS and the migration from the current users’ position to NewPENS before the current PENS contract terminates. A Common Procurement Agreement (CPA) was developed and signed on 19 September 2016 by 35 signatories (ANS CR, NAV Portugal, Avinor, CroControl, DFS, Naviar, Bhansa, LFV, ENAIRE, ANS Finland, Hungarocontrol, Romatsa, LVNL, NATS, Austrocontrol, Bulatsa, DSNA, M-NAV, LPS SR, š. p., Belgocontrol, ANA, PANSA, SMATSA, DCA, SkyGuide, EANS, Ministry of Defence – RNLAF (the Netherlands), ENAV, LGS, Albacontrol, Uksatse, MALTATS, IAA, ISAVIA and EUROCONTROL).

All NewPENS project partners establish the specifications for the NewPENS Call for Tenders. The procurement procedure will be in line with the applicable procurement law and sound financial management principles. The partners will be evaluating the bids and selecting the NewPENS Service Provider. Once the Contract will be signed, the network will be set up and accepted to the point where the network is ready to connect to the Users participating to the Contract; this includes the transition of the current Users’ positions to NewPENS. As of now, the main stakeholders or actors include ANSPs, airports and EUROCONTROL.

Discussions on the inclusion of additional stakeholders are on-going, including also other categories of stakeholders (e.g. Airports, Airspace Users, Meteorology (MET) organisations, Military). In this view, a specific Work Package is included in the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for supporting consultation mechanisms with prospective stakeholders to include Partners at a later stage.

Discussions with NewPENS signatories that are not part of 2015_174_AF5_A and 2015_174_AF5_B are expected to result in additional implementing partners in the final versions of the IP. However, under this Action only costs incurred by PANSA and Eurocontrol/Network Manager are eligible.

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Network Manager
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.1 - Common infrastructure components
  • Progress Percentage: 100%