ENAV Airport MET System and UPM-MET database upgrade


Feb. '17OngoingSep. '24

Implementing Partners

Leader: ENAV


The Implementation Project will upgrade the ENAV UPM (Unita Previsione Meteorologica) (Work Package WP1) by performing the following:

Implementation of a flexible and cost-effective interoperable exchange of MET information for Italian airports, TMAs (Terminal manoeuvring Areas) and ACC (Air Control Centres), Airspace Users, Military and Network Manager compliant with the iSWIM (System Wide Information Management) data formats and interfaces.
Enabling the ENAV OPMET Data Bank (BDM) to Receive and store ICAO OPMET data in BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the representation) and IWXXM (ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange) format.
Development and implementation of geographical user interfaces to facilitate the generation and monitoring of the MET products and the efficient maintenance of these data formats.
Implementation and verification of the standard MET products (TAF - Terminal Area (Aerodrome) Forecast, METAR - METeorological Aerodrome or Aeronautical Report and AUTO METAR - Automatic METeorological Aerodrome or Aeronautical Report, (AUTO) MET reports and warnings) for Italian civil airports in ENAV TMAs and ACCs.
Nowcasting data integration by the provision of continuous sensor information for all available runways in ENAV TMAs and ACCs.
At the same time, ENAV will undertake the upgrade of the meteorological system for all the Italian ENAV ATM (Air Traffic Management) Network airports to upgrade the meteorological service to provide reliable actual and forecast meteorological data, wherever required across the ATM network, in WXXM format. The programme will also enable the issuance of Italian OPMET data in IWXXM format for airports to ensure conformity with the envisaged Amendment 77 to ICAO Annex 3. The programme is already started for the backbone airports (Roma Fiumicino FCO, Milano Malpensa MXP) that are included in the WP2 and for part of the Strategic airports that are included in the WP3.

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Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2016
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: No
  • Main AF: AF5 - Initial System Wide Information Management
  • Sub AF: S-AF 5.4 - Meteorological information exchange
  • Progress Percentage: 92%