Deployment of Air Traffic Control System iCAS: Implementation of ATM PCP Functionalities at LVNL and DFS


Feb. '16OngoingFeb. '25

Implementing Partners

Leader: DFS
Contributor: LVNL


iCAS will deploy up to 18 so called Families as laid down by the SESAR Deployment Manager within the Deployment Programme 2015 on the basis of implementing the Pilot-Common-Project Regulation EU No. 716/2014. Therewith, deploying advanced operational concepts such as but not limited to Free Route, Extended Arrival Management and extended information exchange with other systems / partners in a timely, coordinated and synchronized effort to raise capacity, improve safety and cutting costs. Thus, enabling a significant performance increase at DFS and LVNL. Furthermore, iCAS enables improved flight efficiencies in fuel and in time for the airspace users.,iCAS is the deployment of a new State-of-the-Art, harmonized and interoperable ATS system at DFS and LVNL, which is compatible and supports the deployment of the SESAR and Single European Sky concept in Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to the current mandatory implementing scope of the Pilot-Common-Project Regulation EU No. 716/2014, iCAS implements the European ATM Master Plan within the rules of the Single European Sky regulations. iCAS will be deployed within the framework of reduce total cost of ownership by sharing costs and risks for the new ATS system amongst DFS, LVNL and the iTEC Consortium Partners within which the iCAS project is embedded. By means of the iTEC Consortium, which includes the ANSPs of Spain (ENAIRE) and United Kingdom (NATS), the implementing partners ensure that the future iCAS/iTEC ATS system is also fully in line with the Interoperability Regulation EU No. 552/2004 (incl. its amendment by EU No. 1070/2009).

Several European ANSPs have shown a keen interest to join the iTEC Consortium and currently iTEC partners are talking with PANSA (Poland), Oro Navegacia (Lithuania) and two additional ANSPs in order to explore their iTEC interest and to elaborate the best way to join iTEC. It is the objective of DFS and LVNL to deploy iCAS in accordance with the deployment plan of this coordinated 2015 CEF funding application through the SESAR Deployment Manager. The potential utilization of funding through the Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF) will offset additional deployment cost for DFS and LVNL which result from an effort to enable a timely implementation of Pilot-Common-Project Functionalities and therewith facilitating an early realization of benefits for airspace users.

Countries involved

Additional Information

  • Project Type: Air Navigation Service Provider
  • CEF Call Year: 2015
  • Civil/Military: Civil
  • Multistakeholder: Yes
  • Main AF: AF3 - Flexible ASM and Free Route
  • Sub AF: S-AF 3.2 Free Route
  • Progress Percentage: 95%