SESAR Deployment Manager congratulates winners first Single European Sky Award & receives a special mention
SESAR Deployment Manager congratulates winners first Single European Sky Award & receives a special mention

SESAR Deployment Manager congratulates winners first Single European Sky Award & receives a special mention

Press Release

SESAR Deployment Manager congratulates the 5 winners of the Single European Sky Awards and is very proud to have received a special mention for establishing the first partnership for deploying SESAR Solutions from the European Commission. We are happy to see that so many projects are contributing to achieve the Single European Sky goals.

 Massimo Garbini, Managing Director SESAR Deployment Manager:

“I would like to congratulate all winners and projects. To achieve the Single European Sky goals is not an effort of one single organization only, it is an achievement which we can only reach by working together. Today I am very proud that DG Move has taken the initiative to publically award the organizations contributing to SES. Some of the awarded projects are being coordinated by us as being part of the overall deployment of SESAR in Europe, we will continue to support them to ensure the benefits for the European ATM network”

With this Award ceremony, held at the World ATM Congress 2016, the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission (DG MOVE) wants to give recognition and visibility to the many initiatives that contribute to the achievement of the SES. Through the Single European Sky Awards contest, they aim at symbolically reward those that provide the best examples of successful implementation of the SES components.

The 5 winners are:

  • COOPANS Alliance

  • Time Based Separation at Heathrow

  • The BOREALIS alliance: Delivering FRA across Northern Europe by 2021

  • Remote Tower Services

  • Improvement of the Spanish Air Traffic Management Network performance

Link to all projects submitted:

 About the Single European Sky Awards:

Air transport as a key component of the European Union’s transport system and a strong driver of economic growth, jobs, trade and mobility that directly impacts cohesion within the Union but also are relationship with third countries. In this context, air traffic management (ATM) plays an essential role in ensuring that aircraft, and consequently passengers and crews, fly safely from one airport to another with the least impact on the environment and the most cost-effective manner.

However, the predicted growth in air traffic over the next 20 years requires that the aviation industry delivers revolutionary solutions throughout the entire value change in a holistic approach embracing all aspects of air transport. If we want air transport in Europe to be highly efficient and contribute to providing citizens with seamless and safe mobility, we also need to enhance the performance of ATM systems, in terms of capacity, of safety, of impact on the environment and of cost efficiency.

Modernizing and enhancing performance of ATM systems is a global issue. The European Union is a step ahead of other regions in this domain thanks to the Single European Sky (SES) initiative, through which the Union is reforming its ATM systems through a holistic approach embracing airspace regulation, service provision, technological innovation and interoperability. The SES is based on a comprehensive legal framework and robust partnerships between institutions and stakeholders. Completing the SES implementation will contribute to several Commission priorities: jobs and growth, internal market, energy union, global competitiveness.

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