European ATM stakeholders ready to invest in modernisation
European ATM stakeholders ready to invest in modernisation

European ATM stakeholders ready to invest in modernisation

Press Release

Brussels, Belgium, Thursday, 29th October 2015 – SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) surveyed the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry on their intentions to submit Pilot Common Project (PCP) related projects in the upcoming Connecting European Facility (CEF) Transport Calls for Proposals 2015.

Close to 400 potential projects were put forward to SDM.

Judging by the big success of this exercise, operational stakeholders are ready to invest into ATM modernisation.

An overall investment budget in the range of 2 to 2.5 billion euros could be associated with these projects, out of which at least 50% to come from the ATM stakeholders.

This a clear signal the industry is ready to invest in European ATM modernisation.

The results also show clearly that CEF-funding is recognised as a crucial support for implementation.


The Deployment Programme 2015, elaborated by SDM in close relation with the ATM industry, will be the technical and operational specification of the CEF Transport Calls for Proposals 2015.

In the Deployment Programme, SDM evaluated the readiness for implementation of the Pilot Common Project (PCP) technologies and procedures and identified gaps to be implemented.

The results of the survey show good coverage of the DP 2015, demonstrate that European Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Airlines and Military are aligning their investment plans and that the Deployment Programme is widely acknowledged as the reference for PCP implementation.

To get a head-start of the launch of the call in November, SDM organised a sneak preview event today with about 200 operational stakeholders present. You can download the presentations here.

“The establishment of the strong partnership between the European Commission and the industry is proving to be the right model to achieve results,” said Massimo Garbini, Managing Director, SDM.

“After less than a year and especially after today’s event, looking to the wide mobilisation rising from the European ATM industry, nobody in Europe, but I would say even worldwide, could have any more doubt that SESAR Deployment has started and it is a brilliant successful reality.”