Deployment Programme 2016, highlights
Deployment Programme 2016, highlights

Deployment Programme 2016, highlights

Press Release

Wednesday 9 March, World ATM Congress, Madrid, Spain

Today, SESAR Deployment Manager showcased the highlights of the upcoming Deployment Programme 2016 (DP 2016) at the World ATM Congress. DP 2016 builds on the DP 2015, where the 6 ATM functionalities and 20 sub-functionalities contained in the Pilot Common Project (PCP) have been turned into 44 families of implementation projects enabling the full PCP implementation. The DP is essential to SESAR deployment. It translates the priorities defined in the European ATM Master Plan’s planning view and selected to be part of the Pilot Common Project into a coherent and coordinated project view.

The Deployment Programme explains how Air Traffic Management in Europe can be modernized within the Pilot Common Project, a European law covering 6 ATM functionalities that have to be implemented by European Union member states. The Deployment Programme leads investment plans by European Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports and Airlines and provides Europe with a modern infrastructure, which guarantees the development of a safe and efficient continental air transport system in support of our economy and the creation of jobs. The SESAR Deployment Manager coordinates and monitors the realization of all implementation projects that are strongly supported with significant co-funding through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) managed by the European Commission (EC).

With the previous DP, version 2015, the industry already showed the maturity and commitment to deliver this Programme together Since March 4th, the 2016 Consultation Campaign, where SDM is consulting all involved stakeholders, has started again.

Massimo Garbini, Managing Director SESAR Deployment Manager:

“Following the constructive experience of the 2015 Stakeholder Consultation Campaign and considering the positive discussion initiated in January with the Stakeholder Consultation meeting, I’m confident that the new consultation cycle will result in an even stronger Deployment Programme. The DP 2016 Initial Draft represents a working document that will evolve into its full-fledged edition form with subsequent releases of the Programme. Today, Deployment is a daily reality in Europe.

New features of the Deployment Programme 2016

The DP 2016 keeps fulfilling its objective of providing a unique and consulted ATM technological implementation programme by and for industry. The DP 2016 is highlighting the most urgent initiatives and activities to be undertaken in order to ensure an effective and synchronized deployment of PCP throughout Europe and to avoid significant gaps in the Programme’s deployment.

DP 2016 presents the same structure as DP 2015, further updated to include all the results concerning respectively the results of 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals and the performance of the Deployment Programme including the CEF Call 2014 projects analysis (current Deployment status in Europe) and the expected outcome of the future projects. It is worth noting that SDM monitoring exercise represents a living picture of the actual status of SESAR deployment and, as such, is to be constantly kept updated through SDM synchronization and monitoring of the Programme.

Timeline Deployment Programme 2016

The DP 2016 Initial Draft shall be delivered by SESAR Deployment Manager to the European Commission by 30th September 2016 and are two of the main pillars of the SESAR deployment throughout Europe. Whilst DP 2016 is intended to specify future CEF Transport Calls and report on PCP state of play after Calls 2014 and 2015, a Financial Mechanisms Report is being elaborated to support EC in the decision-making process with regard to the activation of the most relevant financing mechanisms in the CEF framework, to further stimulate PCP implementation, in combination with EU Grants.

DP 2016 is the cornerstone of future CEF Transport framework, it has to be thoroughly consulted among the ATM Community in order to benefit of the active support and commitment of the operational stakeholders.

The following releases of the DP 2016 are envisaged:

  • DP 2016 Initial Draft (March 4th) ✔

  • DP 2016 Intermediate Draft (to be released on May 6th)

  • DP 2016 Final Draft (to be released on June 30th)

  • DP 2016 (to be released on September 30th).

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