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SESAR deployment drives efficient, modern ATM by Mariagrazia La Piscopia, 24 November 2021, International Airport Review

The Specific of SESAR Deployment with SDM Chief Strategy & Programme Manager Mariagrazia La Piscopia, 12 October 2021, Fox ATM Podcast

SESAR Deployment Manager's Modernisation Mission of Europe's ATM - an interview with Nicolas Warinsko, 8 October 2021, Air Traffic Technology Magazine

Brussels Air Transport Brief: February 2021, 22 March 2021, KL Gates, Lexology - The National Law Review - JD Supra

Common Project 1 - A new European regulation ensuring the continuation of sustainable Air Traffic Management modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR deployment, 2 March 2021, Air Transport News

Common Project 1 regulation published by EC to ensure sustainable ATM modernisation, 12 February 2021, International Airport Review

New European Air Traffic Management Modernisation Regulation Common Project 1 instated, 4 February 2021, TravelDailyNews International

Common Project 1 A new European regulation ensuring the continuation of sustainable Air Traffic Management modernisation, 3 February 2021, ATC Network

New European Air Traffic Management Modernisation Regulation Common Project 1 instated, 2 February 2021, Aerobernie

Common Project 1 – a new European regulation ensuring the continuation of sustainable ATM modernisation and digitalization through SESAR deployment, 2 February 2021, Integrating Airport Operations (IAO)

Common Project 1 enters into force, a milestone for the continuation and coordination of ATM modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR deployment, 2 February 2021, Unifying Safety Nets and Surface Movement

CP1 aims to modernise air traffic, 2 February 2021, Air Cargo News


SESAR Deployment Manager and stakeholders committed to continue the journey of Air Traffic Management Modernisation, 16 December 2020, ATC Network - eBroky - TravelDailyNews International -

SESAR Deployment Manager: European ATM modernisation passes 150 completed projects, 16 December 2020, CAPA - Aerobernie

New partnership created to drive the modernisation of European ATM, 23 November 2020, International Airport Review

Various stakeholders and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager outline plans to drive the digitalisation of European ATM, 21 November 2020, - CAPA -

Europe Presses Ahead With Modernizing Air Traffic Management, 19 October 2020, Aviation Week Network, Thierry Dubois

SESAR DM launches portal to support European ATM modernisation, 2 October 2020, International Airport Review

SESAR Deployment Manager launches new website supporting ongoing ATM modernisation in Europe, 30 September 2020, ATC Network - Aerobernie - STAT Times - CAPA - eBroky - Daily Echoed - - TravelDailyNews International -

Flight tracking: how postponed ADS-B compliance will affect air traffic in Europe, 1 September 2020, Airport Technology, Ross Davies

SESAR takes first steps toward SWIM governance, 10 August 2020, Air Traffic Management - International Airport Review

A bridge to the future: How SESAR will evolve to meet the challenges of the next decade post COVID-19, 2 August 2020, Air Traffic Technology International 2021, Ben Samson

SESAR Deployment Manager signs MoU with European Telecommunications Standards Institute, 27 July 2020, Air Transport News - ETSI - CAPA - TravelDailyNews International ATC Network - Aerobernie - Air Traffic Management -

COVID-19 crisis support measures for SESAR Deployment implementing partners, 1 July 2020, ATC Network

SESAR Deployment Manager creates ATM modernisation COVID-19 measures, 29 June 2020, International Airport Review

DSNA successfully migrated to NewPENS, 17 June 2020, Air Traffic Management

SESAR: Digitalising and decarbonising Europe’s airspace, 15 June 2020 International Airport Review, Leah Hockley & Nicolas Warinsko

Coronavirus delays European ADS-B deadline, 1 May 2020, Flight Global, Dan Thisdell

What’s new with SESAR Deployment Manager?, 30 April 2020, Air Traffic Management Magazine

Europe’s ATM Modernization Champions Strive To Keep Momentum, 13 April 2020, Aviation Week

Future deployment of SESAR technologies by airports: moving to on-time operations based on digital information sharing, 25 March 2020, Airport Business, Luc Laveyne


World ATM Congress 2019: Power in Partnership, 21 March 2019, Connected Aviation Today, Chelsea Barone

GSA and SDM sign MoU on EGNSS support for ATM modernisation, 18 March 2019, CAPA

Satélites europeos Iris para controlar los aviones en ‘4D’, 18 March 2019, Innovadores, Julio Miravalls

Europe’s airports embrace digital transformation with SESAR’s innovative excellence, 16 March 2019, Ines Rebelo

Krok bliżej do wspólnego zarządzania niebem nad Europą. Polska chce być wśród liderów, 16 March 2019, Business Insider Poland, Marcin Walków

Spagna, riconoscimento Ue al progetto di Aeronautica Militare ed Enav sulla sicurezza, 16 March 2019, Il Denaro

SESAR appoints new chief finance partnerships, management and corporate services, 14 March 2019, CAPA

La tecnología espacial ayudará a descongestionar el tráfico aéreo mundial, 14 March 2019, Fly News, Juan Pons

Cities Will Now Be Able to Track All Drone Operations in the Airspace, 14 March 2019, Drone Life, Miriam McNabb

Cielo unico europeo: riconosciuto l’alto valore tecnologico dei progetti nel settore ATM in Italia, 14 March 2019, Aviation Report

Aeronautica Militare ed ENAV premiate dall’UE per un progetto sulla sicurezza della gestione del traffico aereo, 13 March 2019, Aviomedia, Elisabetta Puggioni

Malaysia and the Republic of North Macedonia Choose Leonardo for their New Advanced Air Traffic Systems, 13 March 2019, Newswire Today

Leonardo, scelta da Malesia e Repubblica Macedonia per sistemi controllo traffico aereo, 13 March 2019, Qui Finanza

FREQUENTIS and PANSA Sign Memorandum of Cooperation on Future Exploration of Data-Driven Airports, 12 March 2019, Aviation Pros

EU air traffic passengers benefit as completed SESAR deployment projects reach the 100th milestone, 30 January 2019, Vicky Karantzavelou

Completed SESAR deployment projects reach 100th milestone, 29 January 2019, Aviation Benefits


Cooperation agreement between EUROCONTROL and SESAR Deployment manager, 10 September 2018, Travel Daily News, Angelos Restanis

Cooperation agreement between EUROCONTROL and the SESAR Deployment Manager, 6 September 2018, ATC Network

SESAR and Eurocontrol sign new cooperation MoU, 6 September 2018, CAPA

Visit to Portuguese ANSP modernisation projects shows SESAR Deployment in Portugal, 10 August 2018, ATC Network

Members of aviation industry in Europe call for SESAR Deployment Manager lifecycle extension, 27 July 2018, Travel Daily News, Tatiana Rokou

ESA i SESAR Deployment Manager podpisali porozumienie o współpracy, 26 July 2018, Space 24

Members of aviation industry in Europe call for SESAR Deployment Manager lifecycle extension, 25 July 2018, ATC Network

La ESA y SESAR Deployment Manager inician el desarrollo de Iris, 23 July 2018,

ESA and SESAR Deployment Manager Work Toward Single European Sky, 20 July 2018, Satellite Today, Annamarie Nyirady

SESAR Deployment Manager and European Space Agency Initiate SATCOM Deployment Collaborations, 19 July 2018, Satnews

SESAR DM, European Space Agency Agree To Collaborate, 19 July 2018, Aviation Week Network

SESAR Deployment Manager and European Space Agency Sign Memorandum of Cooperation, 18 July 2018, Aviation Pros

European Space Agency moves closer to more precise flight tracking, 18 July 2018, International Airport Review

Visit to PANSA ATM modernisation projects showcases SESAR deployment in Poland, 29 May 2018, ATC Network


Clear Skies, 2017, Air Traffic Technology International

Warinsko appointed SESAR deployment chief, 28 October 2017, Air Traffic Management

SESAR Deployment Manager appoints new General Manager, 23 October 2017, Travel Daily News, Angelos Restanis

SESAR Deployment Manager Appoints New General Manager, 18 October 2017, Aviation Pros

Over €60m in funding to help airport operators prepare for the future, 4 October 2017, Airport Business, Luc Laveyne

World first for Belgocontrol meteo service, 5 September 2017, Air Traffic Management

FABEC cross-border boost for Zurich arrivals, 29 August 2017, Air Traffic Management

What do we know for sure about ATM? Partnership are essential, 9 March 2017, Travel Daily News International, Vicky Karantzavelou

SESAR solutions deployed in daily operation, 1 March 2017, Jane’s Airport 360, Jenny Beechener

Europe tightens control on research activities, 6 February 2017, Jane’s Airport 360, Jenny Beechener


Single sky initiative moves ahead in Europe, Summer 2016, TIACA Times

SESAR Deployment is a daily reality in Europe, 16 March 2016, International Airport Review

ATM World Congress 2016: Leadership change and implementation, Hispaviacion, Lorena Martinez Caamano

All together now, 7 March 2016, Air Traffic Management

Action plan, 2016, Air Traffic Technology International, Helen Norman


SESAR chiefs fear deployment ‘show-stoppers’, 1 October 2015, Air Traffic Management

An interview with SESAR Deployment Manager’s Managing Director Massimo Garbini, 8 September 2015, Katie Sadler