Updated drafts Deployment Programme 2016 & Financing Mechanisms Report shared with Stakeholder Consultation Platform


Today, SESAR Deployment Manager shared the Updated Drafts of the Deployment Programme 2016 and Financing Mechanisms Report with its Stakeholder Consultation Platform.

On 06.05.2016, SDM delivered the “Deployment Programme 2016 Intermediate Draft” and “Financing Mechanisms Report Intermediate Draft” to its Stakeholder Consultation Platform (SCP).

Taking on board comments from Operational Stakeholders made during Consultation Cycle 1 in March and April on the “Deployment Programme 2016 Initial Draft” and the “Financing Mechanisms Report Initial Draft”, the two updated drafts now mark the start of Cycle 2 (out of 3) of the 2016 Consultation Campaign. For Consultation Cycle 2, various SCP meetings will be held in Brussels in late May/early June.