SESAR Deployment Manager visits Romatsa
SESAR Deployment Manager visits Romatsa

SESAR Deployment Manager visits Romatsa


A 3 day SESAR Deployment Manager visit to our member ROMATSA kicked off with the Director General Adrian COJOC welcoming Mariagrazia La Piscopia and Madalina Kramer. They visited the brand new Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport which will have the first functional virtual air traffic control tower ever built in Romania and in Southeast Europe. Providing air traffic management for Brasov Airport from a 450 kilometers distance (Arad ATSU) ROMATSA illustrates its commitment to modernising and digitalising ATM in a combined effort by all partners and operational stakeholders involved.
Mariagrazia La Piscopia said ”At SESAR Deployment Manager, we are continuously supporting our members and I am happy to see new SESAR technologies in operation. Today, we will continue our on site visit to ROMATSA in order to have a better understanding of local needs, share insights and further strengthen the cooperation in order to continue ATM modernisation through SESAR deployment #AsOne team."

Today, the delegation of SESAR will be complete, as Andreas Boschen, Executive Director of SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking will join to visit the ROMATSA HQ.

DAY 2️⃣ of our visit to ROMATSA:
Today we have visited the ROMATSA HQ's and their operational facilities. It was great to see and discuss live ROMATSA's contribution and commitment to the Digital European Sky.

Mr Adrian Cojoc, Director General shared: 
"ROMATSA is committed to support SESAR Deployment Manager activities through new projects and constant commitment and involvement at the governance level of the SESAR Deployment Managerpartnership. Already for the 2022 deadlines from the Common Project One Regulation ROMATSA has fulfilled its milestones and is working to timely meet the next targets. Flight planning, flow management, and trajectory management associated with ATM operational components is one of our implementation objectives to ensure a sound contribution to ATM modernisation & digitalisation in EU.

We are delighted that Mariagrazia La Piscopia and our colleague Madalina Kramer representing us in SESAR Deployment Manager are present in Romania to listen and share their knowledge with us. Understanding the local efforts to implement CP1 objectives can only be achieved through direct and active coordination, and for that we are thankful. ROMATSA has constantly evolved towards ATM modernisation and digitalisation in EU and shall continue to do so under the SESAR Deployment Manager Initiative. Together, #AsOne team."

Mariagrazia La Piscopia stated:
"This visit is part of our outreach tour, aiming at listening to local needs around Europe, sharing insights & strengthening cooperation with our members and operational stakeholders. 🤝 Great to be here with my colleague from SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking Andreas Boschen, representing the full SESAR lifecycle from R&D to deployment and able to discuss realisations on site with ROMATSA as key operational stakeholder and to exchange with the Romanian National Supervisory Authority representatives."

Today we have visited the ROMATSA tower and spoke to high level representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania 🇷🇴

Mr Adrian Cojoc, Director General at ROMATSA shared:
“Moving from five ACCs to three ACCs, down to the single Bucuresti ACC back in 2010 was Romania's strategy for implementing its ATM operational concept. The en-route ATC and information services, as well as the alerting services within Bucuresti FIR are provided solely from one ACC.
Building from this concept, ROMATSA committed from an early stage to facilitate the safe, smooth and economical airtraffic flow in all phases of flight by providing ATM / ANS services that are adaptable and meet the requirements of all airspace users. This has proven critical with the re-routings and the complexity imposed by the war in Ukraine, which ROMATSA manages with an impeccable track-record of 0 minutes delays.

Moreover, ROMATSA is fully compliant with the CP1 deadlines and their flagship deployment project is represented by the full H24 cross-border FRA implementation as part of SEE FRA, initiative joined by 6 States.
Hence, through cooperation under the SESAR umbrella, and constant ATM modernisation and digitalization, ROMATSA is committed to continue the timely deployment contributing to the overall ATM modernisation by upgrading its state of the art ATM system."

▶ Mariagrazia La Piscopia concluded this 3 day visit:
"The past 3 days have been very insightful. Talking to our operational stakeholders is key to permanently improve the collaboration on SESAR deployment. Seeing and experiencing actual implementation on site beyond CP1 deployment projects is priceless and helps the SESAR deployment manager to further customize its support to the needs of its operational stakeholders. The true strength of SESAR modernization and digitalization lies with the cooperation between all actors involved.”

🙏 Many thanks to ROMATSA for organizing and hosting & Let’s continue to modernise and digitalise the European Sky AsOne team.

#AsOne team with: 

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