SESAR Deployment Manager reports significant progress in CP1 Implementation
SESAR Deployment Manager reports significant progress in CP1 Implementation

SESAR Deployment Manager reports significant progress in CP1 Implementation


The SESAR Deployment Manager's latest 2023 Monitoring View report highlights significant advancements in the implementation of the CP1 Regulation, underscoring the ongoing commitment to enhancing European air traffic management. The comprehensive report, detailing progress as of December 2023, reflects substantial achievements and outlines key milestones in the SESAR deployment programme.

Key highlights from the 2023 Monitoring View

Overall progress:

  • 85% Implementation achievement:

    The report indicates that 42% of the CP1 Regulation has been fully implemented, with an additional 43% currently in progress. This marks a significant increase from 2022, where 76% of activities were either completed or ongoing.

  • Reduction in Unplanned implementations:

    There has been a notable decrease in implementations without specific deployment plans, dropping from 9% in 2022 to 6% in 2023.

SDP families and regulatory deadlines:

  • Completion of regulatory deadlines:

    In addition to the 6 SDP Families with a 2022 deadline, 3 more families have reached their regulatory deadline by December 2023. Impressively, 89% of gaps due by 2022 and 2023 have been addressed, with expectations to complete 98% by December 2024.

  • Fully deployed families:

    • Airspace Management and Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (Family 3.1.1)

    • Management of Predefined Airspace Configurations (Family 3.1.2)

    • Initial Free Route Airspace (Family 3.2.1)

    • Enhanced Short Term ATFCM Measures (Family 4.1.1)

    • Interactive Rolling NOP (Family 4.2.1)

    Five SDP Families have been fully deployed by the end of 2023, including:

Upcoming deadlines:

  • Arrival management extended to En-route Airspace (Family 1.1.1):

    Expected to be fully implemented in 7 airports by the end of 2024, potentially achieving a 35% completion rate.

  • Common SWIM PKI and cyber security (Family 5.1.1):

    On track for timely completion by December 2024, following the 2023 tender for selecting a contractor for day-to-day EACP operations.

AF5 and AF6 Families:

  • AF5 - SWIM:

    Despite ongoing implementations and completed NM services, the AF5 SWIM family presents the highest number of gaps projected to extend beyond the CP1 regulatory deadline of December 2025.

  • AF6 monitoring initiated:

    The 2023 report marks the start of monitoring AF6 following the industrial readiness assessment, with one-third of the gaps expected to be closed by the 2027 CP1 target date, facilitated by the ADS-C Common Service Initiative.

Strategic priorities for continued progress

To maintain the momentum and achieve full CP1 implementation, the SESAR Deployment Manager emphasizes prioritizing the implementation of the following SDP Families:

  • AMAN/DMAN integration (Family 1.2.1)

  • Extended AOP (Family 2.2.2)

  • AOP/NOP Integration (Family 4.4.1)

  • Initially A/G Trajectory Information Sharing (Airborne/Ground) (Families 6.1.1 / 6.1.2)

  • Initially Trajectory Information Sharing Ground Distribution (Family 6.3.1)

The role of the monitoring view

Since its inception, the annual Monitoring View reports have been the definitive source for tracking the SESAR Deployment Programme's progress. Acting as the single point of truth, these reports provide detailed insights into the status of Common Projects, guiding stakeholders in coordinating investments, identifying potential delays, and avoiding significant gaps.

The 2023 edition reaffirms the robust progress and underscores the need for continued coordination and investment to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan. As the SESAR deployment phase advances, the commitment to a harmonized and efficient European air traffic management system remains steadfast.

Check out all details in the Monitoring View 2023 report here.