SESAR Deployment Manager launches new website supporting ongoing ATM modernisation in Europe


The new portal showcases completed, ongoing and planned modernisation projects and their benefits and includes a private platform set up in light of continuously improving the interaction with deployment stakeholders.

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has launched a new website as part of its ongoing support to Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation in Europe.

The portal includes news and information on SESAR deployment in Europe and all involved stakeholders, showcases all 343 SESAR deployment ATM modernisation projects out of which 151 are completed, and explains their benefits to the European passengers, citizens, and economy.

It also powers an online Private area (SDM’s online community) platform where deployment stakeholders can interact 24/7 on modernisation challenges and topics and continue supporting and motivating each other while getting the latest information, guidance and support from the SESAR Deployment Manager.

The new web site aims to consolidate all deployment realisations so far and the ongoing efforts being translated into benefits and supporting the ongoing journey of ATM modernisation under coordination of the Deployment Manager.

“The site puts the implementing partners , projects, and benefits in the spotlight and shines a light on the fact that European ATM modernisation is being successfully delivered by working together.” said Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager of SESAR Deployment Manager.

“It enables us to present actual deployment results and related benefits to a wide audience, as well as keeping all stakeholders mobilised during these difficult times.”

“I am happy to receive strong positive signals that our stakeholders remain committed to modernising Europe’s ATM while navigating the extreme challenges of the current crisis. The entire COVID crisis has obviously an impact on the benefits resulting from completed projects and these are currently being recalculated.”

“Despite these enormous challenges, seventy two percent of the PCP (Pilot Common Project), which was launched five years ago with a deadline of 2026, has already been delivered today, way ahead of schedule.”

“The crisis has not cancelled any of the challenges that ATM faces, it has shifted some in time and brought additional ones. Stakeholders are rising to those challenges and remain committed to modernisation.”

“We keep the focus on the ongoing journey of modernising ATM in Europe together, this inclusive spirit is the backbone of successful deployment and is also translated in the new website and online tool” said Warinsko.

“SESAR Deployment Manager’s function in coordinating and synchronising the deployment of European ATM modernisation has been key over the last six years to reach this point today and with this new website and Private area (SDM’s online community) we are adding to the continuous improvement of the deployment toolbox that we provide to all stakeholders,”
Warinsko concluded.

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