Second opportunity for 2017 CEF Transport Blending Call for Proposals


The first cut-off date of the 2017 CEF Transport Blending Call for Proposals launched by INEA on 8th February 2017, was on 14th July 2017. The SESAR Deployment Manager would like to thank the stakeholders who were involved in this part of the Call. We have submitted their proposal already on 12 July 2017, ahead of the deadline.

We want to highlight that there is another opportunity related to this Call since there is a second submission date on 30 November 2017. The cut off date for SDM to be able to manage your potential proposals in a timely way, is 12 September 2017. Should you wish to participate, please use the IP Template available here.

To remind you, the Blending Call is an innovative approach to grant funding, seeking to increase the participation of private sector investments in trans-European transport infrastructure financing as an alternative or complement to the traditional grant funding from the European Commission.

There was 1 billion euro in total foresen within the CEF Transport Blending Call for projects of common interest in the transport sector. 40 million euro out of this 1 billion euro is the budget made available for the funding objective 3 Single European Sky – SESAR. The available budget for this second round is depending on how much the approved projects in the first round take up.

Please note that a detailed roadmap including all steps which need to be performed on both SDM and Operational Stakeholders’ side will be provided to all stakeholders mid August in order to ensure efficient and timely proposals preparation and submission to INEA within the deadline.

All information on this Call can be found via the links below:

INEA Info Day material

Call text and templates

Single European Sky SESAR priority

SESAR Deployment Manager website



If you have any questions regarding the 2017 CEF Transport

Blending Call, please contact us at

[email protected]