Preliminary results of the SESAR Deployment Manager’s survey on the impact of COVID19 on ATM modernisation


At the end of last month, SESAR Deployment Manager launched its survey to Implementing Partners to garner a more precise picture, in the current context, of the challenges faced by the European ATM Community as well as the efforts made towards the delivery of a modern, more performant, environmental-friendly and scalable ATM system. Moreover, this survey also aimed at identifying key practical solutions to mitigate, as much as possible, the impact of this crisis on implementation projects.

After a careful analysis of the overall feedback received, a few relevant preliminary findings stood out:

  • 78% of the respondents are committed to continue ATM modernisation and consider SESAR deployment as a key enabler to meet the Single European Sky high-level goals;

  • However, 90% declare that the COVID19 crisis will likely impact their company’s investments into ATM modernisation, with many projects being delayed until further notice in an effort to preserve operational stakeholders’ cash-flow;

  • In particular, 82% anticipate difficulties to meet the Pilot Common Project’s deadlines (PCP, Regulation EU No 716/2014) and consider that their postponement would facilitate SESAR deployment efforts for their company.

Based on these findings, we have identified a number of mitigation opportunities to be elaborated in close collaboration with INEA and DG MOVE in order to draw a common set of exceptional practices that could come as an effective support to our partners, mainly in terms of getting longer time and earlier wider shares of financial support through optimised administrative channels.

Rest assured that SDM will continue to work tirelessly to support our Implementing Partners during this crisis, in close collaboration with DG MOVE and INEA to elaborate the most effective mitigation measures for the benefit of all SESAR Implementing Partners.

Should you have any questions on how SDM can best support your company, feel free to reach out via the known channels of your regular SDM points of contact.