New member management team SESAR Deployment Manager


As from May 2019, Marcel Sobottka will join the SESAR Deployment Manager management team as Chief Finance, Partnerships Management and Corporate Services.

Marcel Sobottka: “It is a great pleasure and honor to take on the position as Chief Finance, Partnerships Management and Corporate Services as from May this year. I look forward to moving SESAR Deployment forward and I intend to put a strong focus on working closely with all partners in SESAR Deployment. In my new position, I will emphasis the strong industry for industry partnership of operational stakeholders coming together and constituting the successful SESAR Deployment Alliance entailing airliners, airports and air navigation service providers. With over 100 implementation projects already completed and over 300 projects secured in the Deployment pipeline, I will develop the partnership consisting of all investing operational stakeholders coming together to modernize European ATM further. Building on this successful partnership and transitioning towards a Single European Airspace System enabling seamless operations, the SESAR Deployment Alliance and its investing operational stakeholders are best fitted and positioned to facilitate the implementation coordination of newest SESAR concepts and to do so jointly with another key operational stakeholder, the Network Manager.”

“I’m delighted to welcome Marcel Sobbotka as a member of SDM management team and announce his appointment as Chief Finance, Partnerships Management and Corporate Services. Through his previous position of Head of Funding & Deployment Unit at DFS, Marcel has developed a wide experience of SESAR Deployment framework as well as interacting with SDM. This is a strong background that will enable Marcel to ramp up fast and efficient in his new role with extended accountabilities on finances, the coordination of the framework partnership and all the transversal services required for SDM to run efficiently and provide required support to ATM stakeholders,” says Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager.

The new management team composition as from May 2019 will be (left to right):

  • Freek De Witte: Head of Stakeholder Relations

  • Marcel Sobottka: Chief Finance, Partnerships Management and Corporate Services

  • Nicolas Warinsko : General Manager

  • Mariagrazia La Piscopia: Chief Strategy and Programme Management

  • Antoine Hotellart: Head of Performance and Financing