“Multilink CONOPS and use/non-use of IDRP Report” delivered to the European Commission


The report on Multilink CONOPS and use/non-use of IDRP was delivered to the European Commission on the 21st of December, following a comprehensive consultation conducted via the Stakeholder Consultation Platform by the SESAR Deployment Manager. This report constitutes the third and final cycle of consultation of 2021. This report provides a description of the operational Multilink CONOPS covering the needs of stakeholders’ needs, and outlines the recommended way forward related to the use or non-use of IDRP in the ATN/OSI Multilink environment.

The work done on the Multilink CONOPS and use/non-use of IDRP report was performed on a voluntary basis, together with SDM, by a group of Stakeholder experts coming from:

  • Air Navigation Service Providers: ENAV, ENAIRE, NATS, ROMATSA, Skyguide

  • Airspace Users: IATA, Airlines4Europe, Air France

  • Manufacturing industry: Honeywell, Airtel, Airbus, Collins Avionics, Inmarsat

  • SESAR Joint Undertaking (including experts from PJ14-Sol 77)

This work was coordinated with the SJU, in particular with regards to the Multilink CONOPS. The consultation reinforced the support given by operational stakeholders to the document and we thank them for their expertise and support.