Modernising ATM As One - This was Day 3 of AirSpace World 2023

Modernising ATM As One - This was Day 3 of AirSpace World 2023


10 March 2023

AF6 Initial Trajectory Sharing

As it is mandated in the #EU CP1 Regulation, it requires the airspace users, ANSPs and the Network Manager to downlink and process the ADS-C/EPP data as part of ATS B2, and it can be considered as the first implementation step in Europe to move towards Trajectory Based Operations (TBO).

▶ Our speaker​ and expert Cristian Pradera Díez, #ATM #Modernisation and Planning Coordinator stated that "the SESAR Deployment Manager will start coordinating potential implementation projects to deploy ATM functionality 6 (AF6)"

This session explained the EU Regulatory framework and the deployment approach proposed to the stakeholders through the SESAR Deployment Programme, it will provide a vision of future ATS B2 applications currently under R&D, it will also detail the work being done under the Operational Excellence Programme to support a harmonised implementation of an ADS-C Common Service, and finally, will show the operational use of EPP and its operational benefits at MUAC airspace, where ADS-C/EPP became operational in May 2022.​​

🙏 Thank you to all speakers for providing interesting insights on AF6, slides available per presenter:

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