Meet SESAR Deployment Manager: Stakeholder Relations team staff


Since 2015, SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has been actively promoting and supporting ATM modernization in Europe. By being mandated to ensure the deployment of SESAR in Europe, we have developed a privileged relationship with the stakeholders of the aviation sector and our points of contact from the four teams that compose SDM remain alert and available to support you. You have already met most of us through our exchanges, but we would like to highlight one of these teams every month and get to know the people behind SDM. We start with the Stakeholder Relations Team, responsible for coordinating and facilitating discussions between SDM and all stakeholders.

Madalina Kramer, Head of Stakeholder Relations

Starting out at SDM as the Cooperative Arrangements Manager, Madalina put her 18 years of experience, skills and knowledge of the aviation sector to good use by coordinating activities with stakeholders and working as the Head of the Stakeholder Relations for the past 6 months. Her team-leader spirit and love for challenges ensure that the team always strives for the highest quality of work. With so many responsibilities (and two children), it is hard to indulge in relaxing activities, but Madalina always tries to take some time for reading and practicing sports with her kids. “I can count on my team not only to provide good work but also to work collectively and support our mission. I am very proud to head our team and ensure smooth relations with our stakeholders”.

Jakub Kepa, Liaison Officer Civil ANSPs

With nearly 13 years of experience in the aviation industry, with a particular focus on air traffic management, Jakub has developed quite the expertise in this domain. With his background in project management, analysis and international cooperation, he is responsible for coordinating communications between SDM and Air Navigation Services Providers throughout Europe and appreciates “the highly cooperative, friendly and flexible working atmosphere and commitment to keep the highest standards and quality of work, as well as the diversity in the work itself that combine communication skills and the ability to engage in substantial matters”. An avid runner with a background in semi-professional football and a love for volleyball, he now encourages his children to engage in sports activities. He is also quite the hard-rock enthusiast and plays the guitar in his spare time.


Luc Laveyne, Liaison Officer Civil Airports

Luc is a long-standing professional in the public and aviation sector with 18 years of dedicated experience in aviation policy and 17 years in policymaking and public management. He is currently acting in a number of roles and also as the part-time Liaison Officer for the European Civil Airports at SDM. His background as a policy advisor on airports and ATM modernization brings dedicated airport operator interest in the SESAR Deployment Manager. He acts as an essential interlocutor with institutions and airport operators on all ATM modernization issues in order to create the basis for genuine buy-in. The SESAR Deployment Alliance and SESAR Deployment Manager have, for the first time in history, brought together all investing partners and put in place a true co-created SESAR deployment plan and execution, which is something Luc is proud of: “Collaborative governance is the way to go to deliver complex projects”.

Francis Richards, Liaison Officer Airspace Users

For over 20 years, Francis has been active as a key player in ATM modernization, with an ongoing commitment to the deployment of SESAR across Europe. In this capacity of Liaison Officer for Airspace Users, his priority is to help lead change and bring about improvements for the whole ATM community. He also happens to have quite the green thumb and his orchids benefit greatly from the same care and commitment he gives to his work.

Federica Messina, Stakeholders’ Consultation Platform Manager

Federica manages one of SDM’s key platforms, namely the Stakeholders’ Consultation Platform, a key resource for SESAR deployment to ensure the buy-in of the ATM community in order to implement the Common Projects’ implementation. Fluent in Italian, English and French, she possesses a curious spirit and an attention to detail making her a great fit for a highly international environment: “Upon joining SDM, I immediately understood the added value of working closely with colleagues that have different backgrounds within the aviation sector. Working with such a diverse and qualified team of people is a great opportunity to learn more. The humor and spirit of the team create a thriving environment that I am happy to be a part of.


Yves Brouwers, ADS-B Stakeholder Relations Manager

As the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) expert of the Stakeholder Relations team, Yves manages relations and maintains lines of communication open with internal and external stakeholders in this precise domain. In his role to support the deployment of ADS-B across Europe, he coordinates internal discussions and activities with SDM’s ADS-B experts and maintains the course of action to reach the target thanks to his leadership skills: “Working in the Stakeholder Relations team grants me the opportunity to bring my expertise in the field to a diverse, international working environment, where you can contribute to delivering a better, safer ATM to European passengers”. On top of being a very professionally-minded person, he also likes to build up relationships with people through playing golf, a hobby that allows him to both relax, hone his focus and be social.


Akos Barany, ADS-B Communications Coordinator

With a background in external communications and air navigation, Akos is in a privileged position to coordinate communications in the field of ADS-B. He is, among other things, responsible for the ADS-B podcast, where he interviews European experts in the field on a monthly basis. To Akos, “SDM provides a great opportunity to work in a multinational environment that brings together so many ATM modernization stakeholders to provide benefits for all”. True to his love for diversity and multiculturalism, he loves to travel in order to explore new places, find hidden gems and appreciate the local gastronomic scene.


Doina Mosneag, Cooperative Arrangements Manager

The newest member of the team, Doina shoulders important responsibilities in coordinating activities and interactions with SDM’s main stakeholders in the aviation sector, namely institutions, manufacturing industry and professional bodies. Her support to the Stakeholder Relations team is in line with her love for puzzles, which she loves to solve as a family with her husband and her 6-year-old son, who is very much wishing for a dog. “As a person who holds familial values and new challenges in high esteem, working at SDM gives me the opportunity to put my knowledge to work in a positive, ever-changing and more diverse environment”.


Cliff Van Craen, Communications Manager

Present nearly since the inception of SDM, Cliff’s journey as the Communications Officer, and now Communications Manager, has shaped external communication strategies. Striving for an all-encompassing, global approach to communications while also coordinating internal communication matters, his approach to his work is to always be as flexible and innovative as possible while guarding a high service level towards all stakeholders. Proud father of two, when he isn’t busy steering the wheel of SDM-related communications, he is a part of an improvisation theatre troupe.


Tim Laveyne, Stakeholder Support Assistant

Tim has also been a long-standing figure in the team, providing support not only to his colleagues but also to external stakeholders. A jack of all trades, he is responsible for the smooth going of SDM’s website and sub-sites and makes sure that all relevant information is available: “I appreciate the balance in my responsibilities between supporting the internal lines of communication, but also providing support for external ATM-related matters”. Outside of the team, he can be found playing volleyball and coaching young players, as well as arbitrating games in his capacity of official referee.


Imane Benchaou, Communications Assistant

As a new member of the team with a background in digital communication, Imane focuses the core of her work on social media outreach and bringing new ideas to the solid bases founded by the Stakeholder Relations team: “In my role of Communications Assistant, I have a privileged position to learn the intricacies of SESAR deployment and ATM-related matters, while also supporting and being supported by a strong team of experienced professionals”. After work, she spends a good portion of her time reading fiction books and learning how to paint.