Madalina Kramer appointed as Head Of Stakeholder Relations


SESAR Deployment Manager is happy to announce that Mrs. Madalina Kramer has been appointed as Head Of Stakeholder Relations at SESAR Deployment Manager.

She has been acting Head Of Stakeholder Relations since November 2019 when she took over the position of Freek De Witte and has now been formally appointed by the Board of Directors of the SESAR Deployment Alliance on 27 February, 2020.

After completing an open resourcing call for the position of Head of Stakeholder Relations and a successful selection procedure, the SDA has decided that Madalina is now a full member of the SESAR Deployment Manager Management Team.

Madalina Kramer: “It is with great pleasure that I take on this position and its challenges. SESAR Deployment Manager has a truly unique industry-wide collaboration spirit that is delivering benefits for the EU passengers and I am proud to be part of it. My intention is to keep on serving our members and stakeholders in the best possible way to support and deploy ATM modernisation in Europe under the oversight of the European Commission.”

Madalina is now officially the one steering the external communication and the SDM instruments to continue our golden standard industry-leading consultation and buy-in processes.

With her 18 years of experience in ATM, having covered a wide range of policy topics in Romanian ANSP ROMATSA and working in SDM for one year, she has all the skills and energy to keep ANSPs, Airlines and Airports in the driving seat of future evolutions of the Deployment Manager role.


The management team is now composed of:

Nicolas Warinsko – General Manager

Mariagrazia La Piscopia – Chief Strategy and Programme Management

Marcel Sobottka – Chief Finance, Partnership Management and Corporate Services

Antoine Hottelart – Head of Performance and Financing

Madalina Kramer – Head of Stakeholder Relations