#inside_SDM: We are family!
#inside_SDM: We are family!

#inside_SDM: We are family!


When navigating the modernisation of Air Traffic Management, we are all family! 

In the complex realm of air travel, the technological adoption of new Air Traffic Management (ATM) functionalities is crucial. These encompass a range of operational functions and services essential for smooth air traffic operations.

EU Regulation (EU) n. 2021/116 outlines six (6) key ATM functionalities (AFs) to be implemented across the European ATM Network by end 2027, forming what's known as Common Project One (CP1). Each AF is further divided into 20 sub-ATM functionalities (sub-AFs), linked to essential operational changes detailed in the European ATM Master Plan.

Enter the SESAR Deployment Programme, tasked with translating regulatory mandates into actionable steps. It organizes these AFs and sub-AFs into deployment "Families," each comprising coherent sets of technological and operational elements. These Families are essential for realizing operational enhancements and benefits for the ATM community and European passengers.

Success hinges on synchronized and timely implementation. The Programme, set up and coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager, coordinates 25 Families, ensuring alignment with local implementation activities. Stakeholders undertake specific implementation projects, funded independently or through EU mechanisms, all guided by the SESAR Deployment Programme's directives lines.

Behind the regulatory framework lies a concerted effort to modernize Europe's airspace management. The Programme serves as the linchpin, translating regulations into tangible progress, charting a safer, more efficient and sustainable future for air travel in Europe.


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