Important deadline TODAY 6:00 PM for 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals stakeholders


Feedback on second draft of IP templates & instructions towards final IP template by 17/12/2015 – 6 PM CET

Please note that considering the tight roadmap that SDM has to meet in order to provide to the 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals stakeholders with a second draft of the proposals by 23rd December, there is no more time buffer available and the deadline of today (17/12/2015 6.00 PM CET) will be strictly applied. 

SDM cannot commit to consider updated IP templates that would be uploaded after 6:00 PM CET today. By default, SDM will consider and finalise proposals on the basis of the last draft version of IP templates provided during the second or first round.

Message to the 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals participants:

We would like to thank you for providing the second draft of the IP template.
The two rounds of IP templates gathering have resulted in an extensive participation from candidate Implementing Partners, with the submission of more than 300 IP templates. 

In accordance with the roadmap reported in the Guidelines for 2015 CEF Transport Call responses preparation every participant has now received the result of the formal and technical analysis performed by SDM on the IP template/s received, which includes for each project proposal technical comments and suggestions, aimed at supporting Stakeholders in addressing the call requirements and better structuring the project proposals.

Where applicable, considering the level of cooperation of SDM with NM, SJU and EDA, comments have been enriched with feedback coming directly from these organizations.
SDM assessment and screening has been performed to provide an effective support to your participation to the 2015 CEF Calls (both General Call as well as Cohesion Call) and your project proposals elaboration. Please note also that the IP Templates are the basis for the Budget and Application Form part D (technical part of the proposal) elaboration.

SDM technical comments/feedback aims at directly supporting the Implementing Partners in the elaboration/update of the Final Draft of the IP templates, which are expected to be uploaded on the SDM repository at the latest by December 17th COB (6 PM CET). Please note that such upload has to be considered as the final deadline for SDM to accept project proposals to be managed under its coordination.

Due to the tight timeframe of the 2015 CEF Calls and the expected coordination activities foreseen to meet INEA deadline (including respective Member States’ approvals), no late submission can be accepted. Whereas no final versions of the already submitted IPs will be provided by the above mentioned deadline, SDM will take into consideration the last draft version of the IP template, as submitted by Implementing Partners within 1st or 2nd round and will perform its final assessment on this basis.

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If you face any problems, please contact Freek De Witte at

[email protected]

+ 32 497 66 02 78