Follow SESAR deployment on social media


SDM takes pride in keeping open lines of communication with all our members and stakeholders through different means, and our presence on social media is key to keep the aviation sector abreast of SESAR deployment-related matters. Our aim is to provide continuous updates on ATM modernization through all of our social media platforms to our audiences.

Twitter is arguably one of our most important social media accounts to reach out to our stakeholders and stay on top of ATM modernization news. The bite-size posts let us maintain a continuous stream of relevant information, support our goal to stay in touch with our stakeholders and keep up to date with the aviation sector news.

Another prominent social media account, our LinkedIn page aims to provide more thorough information on SDM. This platform has the added benefit of promoting professional ties with people and pages from the aviation industry, creating an environment in which relevant news are shared with relevant stakeholders for a deeper look at current affairs.

Not present on either platform? Look no further: our Facebook page will answer your needs. As the biggest social network in the world, Facebook is widely used by ATM modernization stakeholders and European airspace users. While we are still new on Facebook, our drive to communicate there is strong and we want to open up new possibilities to stakeholders who were, thus far, unable to keep up to date with SDM on other platforms.

To follow us around during events and key milestones, our Instagram account is the place to be while our YouTube channel will provide you with video presentations and tutorials. However, we can only encourage you to follow us on every social media, as each of them complements the other. We will continue to stay connected and use our platforms to communicate openly with our stakeholders and keep up to date with their news as well for a stronger ATM community.