European ATM Standards Coordination Group’s website live


The European ATM Standards Coordination Group (EASCG) website is live. In its role as observer to the EASCG, SESAR Deployment Manager reports to every meeting of EASCG about the material required to support deployment and ensure its timely implementation, keeping safety and interoperability paramount.

EASCG is a joint coordination and advisory group set up to coordinate ATM-related standardization activities supporting the implementation of the Single European Sky, overseen by EUROCAE, EUROCONTROL, the European Commission (DG MOVE), EASA, SJU, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI. ASD, CANSO Europe, EDA and SESAR Deployment Manager are invited to participate as observers.

EASCG aims to build an efficient, sustainable and safe Single European Sky through ATM modernization by providing the necessary standards for the coordinated and harmonized implementation of the required ATM-related functionalities.

To learn more about the tasks and deliverables coordinated by EASCG, please visit the website: