EUROCAE and SESAR strengthen cooperation to accelerate the delivery of the Digital European Sky
 EUROCAE and SESAR strengthen cooperation to accelerate the delivery of the Digital European Sky

EUROCAE and SESAR strengthen cooperation to accelerate the delivery of the Digital European Sky


Airspace World Geneva, Switzerland, 10 March 2023

The European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) has signed two cooperation agreements with the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU) and SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM). Those agreements are aimed at strengthening cooperation and accelerating the delivery of the Digital European Sky as one team.

The cooperation agreements were signed on 9 March on the occasion of Airspace World (Geneva, Switzerland), the annual gathering of the global air traffic management industry. The memoranda of cooperation between EUROCAE and the SESAR DM, and between EUROCAE and the SESAR 3 JU, both aim to enhance collaboration on standardisation activities in aviation, and speed up the industrialisation and deployment of SESAR Solutions.

The cooperative arrangements will ensure that standardisation requirements are embedded at every stage of the SESAR lifecycle (i.e. definition, research and development, and deployment) and that standards-making is done collaboratively as one team between all industry stakeholders.

Anna von Groote, EUROCAE Director General, said, “The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking and SESAR Deployment Manager are active EUROCAE members. Innovative and developing domains such as ATM require inputs from stakeholders across the innovation cycle, and we are glad to see this synchronised effort in Europe and for EUROCAE to be an integral part of the innovation pipeline. All together we can support the aviation community with robust, relevant and timely standards.”

Andreas Boschen, Executive Director, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, said, “Standardisation is critical to ensuring that the outcomes of SESAR research and innovation become an operational reality in line with the performance needs of the aviation industry. This new collaborative arrangement with EUROCAE sets us firmly on the path to delivering an inclusive and sustainable Digital European Sky.”

Mariagrazia La Piscopia, SESAR Deployment Manager Executive, said, “I am delighted to sign this memorandum today. Through this reinforced cooperation between SESAR Deployment Manager and EUROCAE we can be even more successful in ensuring stakeholders have the right tools, references, and standards to implement the SESAR Deployment Programme. This arrangement facilitates the continuation of the European journey of ATM modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR as one strong team”.


EUROCAE develops high-quality aviation standards, which are built upon the expertise of more than 4500 highly skilled experts nominated by EUROCAE's 450 European and global members. EUROCAE standards are referenced by all major European and international regulators. They build upon state-of-the art expertise of its members, are fit for purpose and adopted internationally, support operations, development and regulations, and address emerging global aviation challenges.

The standards are developed by over 50 Working Groups (WGs). To enhance global harmonisation, many EUROCAE Working Groups are working in close cooperation with our partner organisations, such as RTCA or SAE.

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About SESAR Deployment Manager

The Single European Sky’s ATM Research project, “SESAR”, is one of the most ambitious modernisation projects launched by the European Union, contributing to the implementation of the Digital Single European Sky. SESAR’s goal is to define, develop and deploy the technological solutions needed to increase the performance and digitalisation of Europe’s ATM system in the most cost-, flight-efficient and environmentally friendly conditions.

The adoption of the Reg. (EU) n. 716/2014 (Pilot Common Project or “PCP”), the establishment of the SESAR Deployment Manager as per Reg. (EU) n. 409/2013, as well as the subsequent elaboration of the initial SESAR Deployment Programme, marked all together a key step towards the Deployment Phase of SESAR. 

Today, more than eight years after the beginning of this deployment phase in 2014, the modernisation of the European ATM systems and infrastructure is an operational reality with 259 projects in operation. More importantly, it is delivering its expected performance benefits to the aviation community, its stakeholders and in turn to European passengers, citizens, economy and environment benefitting the #EUGreenDeal.

In February 2021, the Common Project One or CP1 regulation was published, ensuring a smooth continuation of sustainable Air Traffic Management modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR deployment.  On 1 June 2022, a new aviation consortium was appointed by the European Commission to continue the role of SESAR Deployment Manager for the next 5 years. Read more.

The SESAR Deployment Programme 2022 was approved by the European Commission on 12th August 2022 and can be downloaded via this link.
Press contact: Cliff van Creaen, Communications Coordinator [email protected]

About SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking

The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking is an institutionalised European partnership between private and public sector partners set up to accelerate through research and innovation the delivery of the Digital European Sky. It is harnessing, developing and accelerating the take-up of the most cutting-edge technological solutions to manage conventional aircraft, drones, air taxis and vehicles flying at higher altitudes. The SESAR 3 JU partnership brings together the EU, Eurocontrol, and more than 50 organisations covering the entire aviation value chain, from airports, airspace users of all categories, air navigation service providers, drone operators and service providers, the manufacturing industry and scientific community.

Press contact: Triona Keaveney, Senior Communications Officer and Media Relations Officer [email protected]

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