Enaire completes SESAR deployment Implementation Project Upgrade of trajectory management in SATCA-iTEC


Congrats ENAIRE for the completion of Project 2016_040_AF3. The new SACTA-iTEC version, with an enhanced trajectory management process, was successfully delivered and evaluated. This version enables the evolution of planning tools to reduce ATC workload through more efficient planning of the trajectories across all sectors.

▶️ This Project contributes to the implementation of #SESAR Deployment Programme Family 1.1.1 “Arrival Manager extended to en-route airspace” in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca Airports, as well as 3.1.2 “Management of Predefined Airspace Configurations” and 3.2.2 “Enhanced Free Route Airspace Operations” in Spain.

▶️ This project is part of a bigger thread that will strongly contribute to ATFM delays reduction with an estimated 3 million minutes saved until 2030. It will also improve flight efficiency, in the range of 165k minutes in flight time, 13k tons of fuel and 41k tons of Co2 until 2030. This results in earnings estimated to €133 million until 2030.
#SESAR deployment delivered #AsOne team!

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