DFS completes SESAR deployment Implementation Project XMAN – Cross-centre arrival management


Congrats to DFS and project partners for completion of SESAR deployment project 2015_196_AF1_A XMAN – Cross-centre arrival management which implements first connections between XMAN Frankfurt, XMAN München, XMAN Zurich & XMAN London with neighbouring Area Control Centres.

The XMAN (Cross-centre arrival management) multi-stakeholder project aims to extend the planning horizon of arrival management systems from the local Terminal Manoeuvring Area into the airspace of adjacent en-route control centres up to about 200 Nautical Miles.

The Project is contained in a thread of 2 projects, coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager, expected to provide benefits of up to 140 Million € until 2030, by saving more than 140 thousand tons of fuel and 460 thousand tons of CO2.

This implementation project is framed in the SESAR Deployment Programme Family 1.1.1. “Arrival Management extended to en-route airspace”.