Close to 269 million euro support for modernising air traffic management
Close to 269 million euro support for modernising air traffic management

Close to 269 million euro support for modernising air traffic management


European Commissioner for Transport and Mobility Violeta Bulc launched 15 projects co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF) at the Digital Transport Days in Tallinn today. The projects are expected to develop digital solutions and upgrade the European rail, road, maritime and air transport network. 

New European digital transport projects launched in Tallinn

Digitalisation of transport and mobility for passengers and freight will fundamentally change the transport sector. New digital technologies will help to respond to the pressing need to make transport safer, more efficient and sustainable,” said Dirk Beckers, Director of the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) in his official grant agreement signature ceremony opening speech. INEA will be supervising implementation of all projects launched today throughout their entire lifecycle.

SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2016

In response to the 2016 CEF Transport Calls, SESAR Deployment Manager has coordinated and submitted 2 proposals on 6th of February 2017. Following the evaluation results, SDM coordinated the finalization of the respective Specific Grant Agreements under the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership which have just been signed at the occasion of the Digital Transport Days on 9th of November in Tallinn, under the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

The first Action (Cluster 1) contains 69 new Implementation projects, out of which 29 multi- stakeholder, funded under the 2016 CEF Transport Call – General Envelope with end date between 2017 and 2020 for a total eligible costs of 634.599.805 euro of which 261.031.311 euro is co-funded. This agreement impacts 27 EU member states.

The second Action (Cluster 2) contains 6 projects, out of which 1 multi-stakeholder, funded under the 2016 CEF Transport Call – Cohesion Envelope for a total eligible cost of 9.418.871 euro of which 7.973.401 euro is co-funded. This agreement impacts 6 EU Member States.

Consequently, a total of 75 new Implementation Projects grouped in 2 Actions will be coordinated by the SESAR Deployment Manager, delivering ATM modernization in partnership with 6 Airlines, 4 Military stakeholders, 15 Airport Operators, 27 Air Navigation Service Providers, 2 MET Providers and 4 Industry Providers. These new Implementation Projects join the 222 Implementation Projects already running under SESAR Deployment Manager coordination as a result from the previous CEF Transport Calls, out of which more than 70 will be completed by end of 2017. Overall, SESAR deployment represents more than 2,5 billion euro of investment into Europe’s Air Traffic management modernization and contributing to Europe’s Air Transport digitalisation.