Call for next SESAR Deployment Manager - Information package for applicants available here


Call for the next SESAR Deployment Manager and Framework Partnership Agreement Coordinator mandates - Information package to all candidate applicants now available

Today, the European Commission has published on its website the Call for the next SESAR Deployment Manager and Framework Partnership Agreement Coordinator:

In accordance with European Commission’s DG MOVE request to provide adequate guidance and support to all candidate applicants to the Call, the SESAR Deployment Alliance, as the holder of the current mandate, has built and made available a coherent information package, composed of several deliverables, presentations and documents.

This package includes a significant set of materials that the candidate applicants may consult to gather information, context and insights of the duties and operations of the current SDM.

Please find here a short overview of what is comprised in the information package:

Deliverables under SDM mandate

Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) 6 – Gantt chart

SESAR Deployment Annual Report (SDAR) 2020

SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) 2021

SDP Execution Progress Report (SDP EPR) 2020.1

SDM – key latest technical deliverables

SESAR Deployment Fact-sheet

Stakeholders Consultation Platform – Terms of Reference

SDM Cooperative Arrangements – full list

Deliverables under FPA Coordinator mandate

Full list of Implementation Projects under the SDM Coordination

Implementation Action Dashboards (2021 update)

SDM Transversal Guidelines for Action execution processes

Annual Meeting 2020 – full presentation

Access to the package itself is restricted to candidate applicants only. In this perspective, please send your request in an email containing your full name, company details and phone number to [email protected].